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Windows SBS 2008 comes with a trial version of Windows Live OneCare, an automatic, selfupdating service to protect your server against viruses, spyware, and other threats to your system. The service is free for four months, so you can use it and decide if you want to buy it after the free trial period expires. To begin using Windows Live OneCare, click the Help Protect Your Server With Windows Live OneCare For Server link to open the Getting Started dialog box shown in Figure 8-18.
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Another option is to use property injection, as shown in the ModuleTracker class from the Modularity for Silverlight with MEF QuickStart. The ModuleTracker class has an instance of the ILoggerFacade injected.
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Step #4: Define a method that translates the input into the desired event
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27 Disaster Planning
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TargetName Executions Duration TargetData ----------- ---------- -------- ------------------------------------------------ring_buffer 0 0 <RingBufferTarget eventsPerSec="0" processingTime="0" totalEventsProcessed="0" eventCount="0" droppedCount="0" memoryUsed="0" />
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// Box the value type and add the // reference to the array.
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The FormView control in action
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situation at a speci c point in time just makes everything clearer, in our experience. The screen capture utility in Hyper-V only does the full screen you can t get screen shots of individual windows or buttons because the keystrokes are usually captured from the parent partition, not the child. Our solution is to use a small utility that is much smarter at screen shots than anything we could do with the built-in facilities of Windows HyperSnap ( There are other good screen capture utilities out there, but we ve been using HyperSnap for more than 13 years now, and it does an excellent job. We can capture exactly what we want and save it in any format we can imagine. Plus, if we do need to manipulate an image for some reason, HyperSnap has the ability to do that, too. We load a copy of HyperSnap into every test computer we run, using Group Policy to deploy it. And when we needed screen shots for Server Core Hyperionics did a custom version for us that worked where nothing else had.
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. . 1 . . Create a new Empty ASP .NET Web Application project named DeployThisApplication . 2 . . Add some content to this site so that you can see it when it s deployed . At the very least, include a Default .aspx page, and include a Button named ButtonShowApplicationSetting .and a Label named LabelShowApplicationSetting . These illustrate how the web .config transforms work . The example included with this book also has a Default .aspx page, Page1 .aspx, and Page2 .aspx .
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The corollary to this rule is to use explicit type casting when you have to make a type conversion. For example, in the fragment below, it s clear that a variable of type NODE_ PTR is being allocated:
Here are the performance measures I got for the query in this case:
You must call EndXxx or else you will leak resources . Some developers have written code to call BeginXxx to write some data to a device, and there is no processing that needs to be done after the data has been written, so they don t care about calling EndXxx . However, calling EndXxx is required for two reasons . First, the CLR allocates some internal resources when you initiate an asynchronous operation . When the operation completes, the CLR will hold onto these resources until EndXxx is called . If EndXxx is never called, these resources remain allocated and will be reclaimed only when the process terminates . Second, when you initiate an asynchronous operation, you don t actually know if the operation eventually succeeded or failed . The only way you can discover this is by calling EndXxx and checking the return value or seeing if it throws an exception . You should not call EndXxx more than once for any given asynchronous operation . When you call EndXxx, it could access some internal resources and then release them . If you call EndXxx again, the resources will have been released already, and the results will be unpredictable . In reality, calling EndXxx multiple times for a single operation may or may not work; it depends on how the class that implements the IAsyncResult interface has been written . Since Microsoft never told developers how this should behave, different developers implemented it in different ways . The only thing you can count on is that calling EndXxx just once will work .
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Page 103 Part III Creating Presentations Using Microsoft Producer 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: Starting a New Presentation Capturing Video, Audio, and Still Images Editing on the Timeline Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations In Producer Publishing Your Presentation
12. Fundamental Data Types
Remote Web Workplace (RWW)
11. The Power of Variable Names
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