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To support this scenario, Prism provides the IActiveAware interface. The IActive Aware interface defines an IsActive property that returns true when the implementer is active, and an IsActiveChanged event that is raised whenever the active state is changed. You can implement the IActiveAware interface on child views or view models. It is primarily used to track the active state of a child view in a region. Whether or not a view is active is determined by the region adapter that coordinates the views in the specific region control. For example, the Tab control shown earlier uses a region adapter that sets the view in the currently selected tab to active. The DelegateCommand class also implements the IActiveAware interface. The CompositeCommand can be configured to evaluate the active status of child Delegate Commands (in addition to the CanExecute status) by specifying true for the monitor CommandActivity parameter in the constructor. When this parameter is set to true, the CompositeCommand class will consider each child DelegateCommand s active status when determining the return value for the CanExecute method and when executing child commands within the Execute method. When the monitorCommandActivity parameter is true, the CompositeCommand class exhibits the following behavior: CanExecute. Returns true only when all active commands can be executed. Child commands that are inactive will not be considered at all. Execute. Executes all active commands. Child commands that are inactive will not be considered at all. You can use this functionality to implement the example described earlier. By implementing the IActiveAware interface on your child view models, you will be notified when your child view becomes active or inactive in the region. When the child view s active
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Lesson Review
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In this lab, you use your knowledge of the tools discussed in this chapter to troubleshoot communication issues. The goal is to be able to telnet to Computer1 in a secure fashion using IPSec.
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You can also indicate that all parameters and variables in the query should be assumed as unknown for optimization by using the following form:
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Lesson 2: Exploring specialized server Controls
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