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To clear execution plans from the cache globally, use the following command:
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Bear in mind that dynamic SQL is used to run code that is constructed, among other things, from the computation column values . I added a CHECK constraint to guard against common strings used in SQL injection; but as I mentioned earlier, it s almost impossible to guarantee that all cases are covered . There are alternatives to this solution that do not use dynamic SQL . For strings with limited complexity, this can be done in a UDF written by Steve Kass, as shown at . A CLR function could also be used to evaluate the expression . If the expression result is given by a UDF, this example can be much less complex, because the result can be defined as a persisted computed column, and no trigger will be required . It will also not be a security risk from dynamic SQL . Allowing complete flexibility to include SQL expressions in the calculation string is a priority that competes with security, because validation that a string represents only an expression can be done with a T-SQL parser .
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tocol (PPTP) or Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), you can specify dif ferent policies for PPTP and L2TP connections.
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In this exercise, you create a custom error page and configure your site to redirect to it for a specific HTTP status code.
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You can also declaratively set the culture for a website or webpage. To define the culture for an entire website, add a <globalization> section to the Web.config file, and then set the UICulture and Culture attributes, as the following sample demonstrates.
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Dynamics CRM deployment to dynamically update different option set values.
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You know that an attribute is an instance of a class derived from System.Attribute, and you also know how to apply an attribute . Let s now look at how to define your own custom attribute classes . Say you re the Microsoft employee responsible for adding the bit flag support to enumerated types . To accomplish this, the first thing you have to do is define a FlagsAttribute class:
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unit_measurement unit_conversion_factor
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This query means: return supplier cities that are not employee cities and are also customer cities.
35. Where to Find More Information
The next section describes how to perform common tasks by using Nslookup in interactive mode.
Graphs, Trees, Hierarchies, and Recursive Queries
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A merge join is a very efficient join algorithm, which relies on two inputs that are sorted on the join columns. With a one-to-many join, a merge join operator scans each input only oncehence, the superiority over the other operators. To have two sorted inputs, the optimizer can use clustered, or better yet, nonclustered covering indexes with the first column or columns being the join column(s). SQL Server will start scanning both sides, moving forward first through the "many" side (say, "one" side is x and "many" is x, x, x, x, y). SQL Server will step through the "one" side when the join column value on the "many" side changes (the "one" side steps through y, and then the "many" side steps through y, y, y, z). Ultimately, each side is scanned only once, in an ordered fashion. Things become more complicated when you have a many-to-many join, where the optimizer might still use a merge join operator with rewind logic. When you see a merge join in the plan, it's usually a good sign. As an example, the following query joins Orders and [Order Details] on equal OrderID values: SELECT O.OrderID, O.OrderDate, OD.ProductID, OD.Quantity FROM dbo.Orders AS O JOIN dbo.[Order Details] AS OD ON O.OrderID = OD.OrderID;
Monitoring and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connections
Writing .a .WCF .Service
public public public public DataTable DataTable DataTable DataTable ToTable() ToTable(string name) ToTable(bool distinct, string[] colNames) ToTable(string name, bool distinct, string[] colNames)
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