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Monitoring Network Performance
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Each sequence has two pseudo columns: NEXTVAL and CURRVAL. The meaning of each of these columns is self-explanatory. Listing 7-15 shows how you can create and use a sequence DEPTNO_SEQ to generate department numbers, using the DUAL table. (Note that normally you would use sequence values in INSERT statements.) Listing 7-15. Creating and Using a Sequence SQL> create sequence deptno_seq 2 start with 50 increment by 10; Sequence created. SQL> select deptno_seq.nextval, deptno_seq.currval from dual; NEXTVAL CURRVAL -------- -------50 50 SQL> select deptno_seq.currval from dual; CURRVAL -------50 SQL> select deptno_seq.currval, deptno_seq.nextval from dual; CURRVAL NEXTVAL -------- -------60 60 SQL> You can use CURRVAL multiple times, in different SQL statements, once you have selected NEXTVAL in an earlier statement, as shown in Listing 7-15. For example, in an order-entry system, you might select a sequence value with NEXTVAL to insert a new order, and then use the same value (CURRVAL) several times to insert multiple line items for that order. Note the result of the last query in Listing 7-15. Since you select CURRVAL before NEXTVAL in the SELECT clause, you might expect to see the current value (50), followed by the next value (60), but apparently that is not the case. This behavior is based on the consistency principle that it doesn t matter in which order you specify the expressions in the SELECT clause of your queries, because you actually select those expressions at the same time. Try selecting NEXTVAL multiple times in the same SELECT clause and see what happens (the explanation is the same).
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Applications that fail or stop responding might need updates.
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Adding Graphics to Your Storyboard
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FK1 Customerld InvoiceDate
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Let s briefly review the markup code that defines a Web part connection object within the page.
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Exam objectives in this chapter:
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void InitBoard() { Uri uri = new Uri("sl.jpg", UriKind.Relative); int nx = 0; for (int ix = 0; ix < 4; ix++) for (int iy = 0; iy < 4; iy++) { nx = (ix * 4) + iy; i[nx] = new Image(); i[nx].Height = 400; i[nx].Width = 400;
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Creating and Editing Dialog Processes
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SET LOCK_TIMEOUT 5000; DECLARE @err AS INT, @rc AS INT; EXEC @err = @custid @fromdate @todate @numrows dbo.GetCustomerOrders = 1, -- Also try with 999 = '20070101', = '20080101', = @rc OUTPUT;
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Custom Aggregations
Clips first, then sound
The scaling of the value axis was set to a minimum of -2 to clearly visualize the horizontal category axis as a stable, supporting base line for the two temperature curves . The clearly visible differences of the temperature high-lows that become particularly tight in fall are interesting for climate observers, but not for potential tourists . This information is supported by the discreetly formatted high-low lines . Access via: Chart Tools/Layout/Analysis/Lines/High-Low Lines . The data as averages of the measuring results gathered over several years are historical; that is, static . This enables a rather interesting design of the legend, which constitutes a
Understanding logical query processing phases and the unique aspects of SQL is important to get into the special mind set required to program in SQL. By being familiar with those aspects of the language, you can produce ef cient solutions and explain your choices. Remember, the idea is to master the basics.
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Microsoft s implementation of IPSec supports offloading of encryption to network interface cards (NICs) that can perform encryption. Not every NIC can support offloaded encryption, but several are specifically designed to do so. Use of such cards can improve the performance on servers where many possible IPSec connections can be frequently used. You can read more about one of these special NICs at /3c905b_fx.pdf.
Sometimes it can be useful to monitor the changes that take place in your registry particularly the changes that occur as the result of installing a new program or device. Windows Vista does not provide a registry monitoring tool, unfortunately. Using native Windows tools, the best you can do is employ the venerable command-line program Fc.exe to compare registry export files that you create before and after an important registry change. Export a .txt file or .reg file from the branch of the registry that you expect to change (or the entire registry if you re not sure), install the program or driver (or do whatever it is whose registry effects you want to monitor), repeat the export process (using a different file name), and then, at a command prompt, type
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