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632 ChAPTER 11
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4. If the tag is OK, set it to 0 or some other value that you and your program recognize as an invalid tag value. You don t want the value to be mistaken for a valid tag after the memory has been freed. Set the data to 0, 0xCC, or some other nonrandom value for the same reason. 5. Finally, free the pointer.
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Note The personalization data of a page is all set when the
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Now let s say that attempting to allocate object L would put generation 0 over its 256-KB budget . Because generation 0 has reached its budget, a garbage collection must start . When starting a garbage collection, the garbage collector must decide which generations to examine . Earlier, I said that when the CLR initializes, it selects a budget for generation 0 . Well, it also selects a budget for generation 1 . Let s say that the budget selected for generation 1 is 2 MB . When starting a garbage collection, the garbage collector also sees how much memory is occupied by generation 1 . In this case, generation 1 occupies much less than 2 MB, so the garbage collector examines only the objects in generation 0 . Look again at the assumptions that the generational garbage collector makes . The first assumption is that newly created objects have a short lifetime . So generation 0 is likely to have a lot of garbage in it, and collecting generation 0 will therefore reclaim a lot of memory . The garbage collector will just ignore the objects in generation 1, which will speed up the garbage collection process .
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Round n on m decimal positions Truncate n on m decimal positions Round n upwards to an integer Round n downwards to an integer Absolute value of n 1, 0, or 1 if n is negative, zero, or positive Square root of n e ( = 2,7182813 ) raised to the nth power Natural logarithm, and logarithm base m n raised to the mth power Remainder of n divided by m Sine, cosine, and tangent of n (n expressed in radians) Arcsine, arccosine, and arctangent of n Hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic cosine, and hyperbolic tangent of n
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You can select fields from the entity on which you re running the mail merge, including any custom fields. You can select fields from related entities, including custom entities and entities linked through custom relationships. You cannot select fields on a custom entity if that entity has an N:1 relationship with the Mail Merge entity. You can include a maximum of 62 data fields.
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IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.CustomersStage', 'U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.CustomersStage; GO CREATE TABLE dbo.CustomersStage ( custid INT NOT NULL, companyname VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, phone VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, address CONSTRAINT PK_CustomersStage PRIMARY KEY(custid) ); INSERT INTO dbo.CustomersStage(custid, companyname, phone, address) VALUES (2, 'AAAAA', '(222) 222-2222', 'address 2'), (3, 'cust 3', '(333) 333-3333', 'address 3'), (5, 'BBBBB', 'CCCCC', 'DDDDD'), (6, 'cust 6 (new)', '(666) 666-6666', 'address 6'), (7, 'cust 7 (new)', '(777) 777-7777', 'address 7'); GO SELECT * FROM dbo.Customers; SELECT * FROM dbo.CustomersStage;
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// I'll do the actual bashing and hooking there. PIMAGE_THUNK_DATA , hModule , pImportDesc>FirstThunk ); pRealThunk = MakePtr ( PIMAGE_THUNK_DATA
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27.5 Effect of Project Size on Development Activities
This version of SomeMethod does compile and execute as expected . The reason why the parameters passed must match the parameters expected by the method is to ensure that type safety is preserved . The following code, which thankfully won t compile, shows how type safety could be compromised .
<Path Stroke="Black"> <Path.Data> <PathGeometry> <PathFigure StartPoint="100,100"> <BezierSegment Point1="140,120" Point2="100,140" /> </PathFigure> </PathGeometry> </Path.Data> </Path>
Code reviews range from lightweight ("can you take a quick look at my code") to formal (team meeting with assigned roles and goals). Pair programming, an Agile approach where two developers share one workstation, is another form of code review. Different approaches vary in their effectiveness, as well as in the comfort of participation of those involved. Many testers at Microsoft are actively involved in reviewing product code, and many teams have the same code review requirements for test code as they do for product code.
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