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Prepare the PPTPCorp profile for distribution
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Navigating with the Breadcrumb Trail
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The Internet Accounts dialog box (choose Tools, Accounts) is where you set up, review, edit, and delete accounts. Accounts are organized into three categories: Mail, News, and Directory Service (see Figure 8-1). barcode label printing
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Unboxing is the reverse of boxing. It takes an object representing a previously boxed value and re-creates a value type from it. For example:
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM stores data in entities such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities. The data related to an entity, such as a phone number for a contact, is a field of the entity.
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In this exercise, you add a controller and a view to the ASP.NET MVC 2 application created in the previous exercise.
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Responding to Page Load Events
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Now, when the compiler sees code like this:
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FIGURE 22-8 Warning message when you change permissions on a document library
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ASP.NET will then grab the correct company logo based on the skin file. If you switch themes, the logo will automatically switch as well.
Core Facilities
stop harassing me! And once that dialog goes away, so does your security. Or, more commonly, the malware will simply hijack an existing session of a program you have already authorized, and you will not even see the dialog. Again, you are 0wn3d. There is an important axiom of security that you must understand: Protection belongs on the asset you want to protect, not on the thing you are trying to protect against. The correct approach is to run the lean yet effective Windows Firewall on every computer in your organization, to protect each one from every other computer in the world. If you try to block outbound connections from a computer that is already compromised, how can you be sure that the computer is really doing what you ask The answer: you cannot. Outbound protection is security theater a gimmick that only gives the impression of improving your security without doing anything that actually does improve your security with one exception as noted earlier in this chapter: service hardening in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 does augment security. Steve Riley, Security Evangelist Microsoft Corporation
If we list a set s elements separated by commas and between braces we ve enumerated the elements of the set. Enumeration of elements is a simple way to denote a set if the set doesn t contain many elements. If the set is large but the elements have a pattern, we can describe the set using an ellipsis (. . .). If we need to and the intent is clear, we can use more than one ellipsis and (in a pinch) semicolons to separate sublisted groups of elements in patterns, as shown in Table 2-3.
Figure 3-15. The error-handling code you ve written in 2 is helpful for debugging. If everything goes right, however, you ll get the neat page containing a list of departments generated using a Smarty template. Each department name in the list is a link to the department s page, which in fact is a link to the index.php page with a DepartmentID parameter in the query string that specifies which department was selected. Here s an example of such a link: http://localhost/hatshop/index.php DepartmentID=3 When clicking a department s link, the selected department will be displayed using a different CSS style in the list (see Figure 3-16).
Mixing HTML with Executable Code
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