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// trg_GenericDMLAudit Trigger // Generic trigger for auditing DML statements // trigger will write first 200 characters from all columns // in an XML format to App Event Log [SqlTrigger(Name = @"trg_GenericDMLAudit", Target = "T1", Event = "FOR INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE")] public static void trg_GenericDMLAudit() { // Get the trigger context to get info about the action type SqlTriggerContext triggContext = SqlContext.TriggerContext; // Prepare the command and pipe objects SqlCommand command; SqlPipe pipe = SqlContext.Pipe; // Check type of action switch (triggContext.TriggerAction) {
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6 Type and Member Basics
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original eight operators are not all primitive; some can be expressed with others. An RDBMS Query Optimizer component can utilize this fact when optimizing a query; it can rewrite a query to its logical equivalent using different operators, which might be implemented with faster physical operators than other relational operators in a speci c RDBMS. For example, you might notice that sometimes SQL Server uses the Merge Join physical operator when you use the Union logical (relational) operator. Note also that the relational operators that are based on set operators differ from the original set operators.
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Recommended Reading and Tools
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After this lesson, you will be able to:
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FiguRe 3-7 Execution plan with object plan guide
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Convert a set of type codes to a class with subclasses If the different elements associated with different types might have different behavior, then consider creating a base class for the type with subclasses for each type code. For the OutputType base class, you might create subclasses like Screen, Printer, and File. Change an array to an object If you re using an array in which different elements are different types, create an object that has a field for each former element of the array. Encapsulate a collection If a class returns a collection, having multiple instances of the collection floating around can create synchronization difficulties. Consider having the class return a read-only collection and provide routines to add and remove elements from the collection. Replace a traditional record with a data class Create a class that contains the members of the record. Creating a class allows you to centralize error checking, persistence, and other operations that concern the record.
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Troubleshooting Dial-Up Remote Access Connections
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Several controls in ASP.NET provide basic, list-based data binding. These controls are not meant to work with pages of data or provide elaborate editing scenarios. Instead, they allow you to provide a list of data items with which a user can operate. Figure 12-9 shows these simple data-bound controls, including their common base class, ListControl.
5. Click the Text Editor button. The Edit Content dialog box appears. Note If you have downloaded the companion content, click the Browse button, select the
private void incrementCounter() { Interlocked.Increment(ref o_counter); }
Adding Build Steps to the Build Details Window
Part II Solutions
Decimal price = 123.54M; String s = price.ToString("C", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); MessageBox.Show(s);
The automated password grinders will typically try common user names, such as Administrator, with a dictionary of passwords. Shockingly, they must be successful enough with that approach to make it worthwhile to continue. Many people argue that you should rename the Administrator account to fool attackers, and some even say to create a decoy account called Administrator. This has absolutely no effect whatsoever. The error message is the
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