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Case Scenario 2: Providing Layout Flexibility
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Workflow templates provide a convenient mechanism for reusing common processes. Templates can save you time by simplifying the creation of workflow processes, and creating a workflow template is easy. Simply select the Process template option in the Activate As field when creating the workflow. After you have created and activated a process template, you can select a template when you create a workflow process. When creating a workflow process, you can select a template only after you select an entity with at least one activated template. When the entity is selected, a list of activated templates for that entity will display in the template grid. Next, select New process from an existing template (select from the list) and select a template. When the workflow process record opens, it will contain all of the steps and settings from the saved template. As you would expect, workflow templates can save you a lot of time if your system uses a large number of workflow processes that contain similar steps and actions.
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StringBuilder Members Member Type
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When you choose one of the Office Access 2007 templates, you find a usable set of data tables, queries, reports, and more that you can use as the basis for your own data management needs. For example, if you are responsible for coordinating marketing projects in your company, you
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3. Which step does the resolver first perform to resolve a DNS name a. It checks its local cache. b. It reads from the Hosts file. c. It broadcasts the local subnet. d. It queries the local DNS server.
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When the developer clicks Continue a build is queued for the shelveset containing the check-in. The build process will get the source code per normal and then unshelve the developer s changes into the workspace before continuing the build process. If the build succeeds, the shelveset will be automatically checked-in on the developer s behalf.
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Note For security reasons the Basic authentication scheme is not supported. The Team Build service can be con gured to restrict access to a single client account (usually the user that the Team Foundation Server application tier is running as) by setting the AuthorizedUser setting to that user s username.
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Managing Security and Information Access
Alternative Ruby Implementations
Lesson Summary
For tracking purposes, the AdRotator control supports counters and updates them when an ad is clicked. You can associate each ad with its own counter.
FIGURE 6-9 The Virtual Network Manager
Here are some applications you can download, play with, and edit to learn more about Ruby on Rails: Tracks ( An open source time-management system developed in Rails. It is a great early example (it s almost four years old as of 2009!) to read through to learn more about Rails. Typo ( The oldest open source blogging engine developed with Ruby on Rails. It s still going strong today. Mephisto ( Another open source Rails blogging engine. Radiant CMS ( An open source content management system. It s popular in the Rails community and kept up to date. Open Source Rails ( Not a web application, but a site that profiles and highlights open source Rails applications in general. Even if some of the preceding applications go out of date, Open Source Rails should be linking to what s fresh.
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