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For information about user accounts, see 11, Managing User Accounts, Passwords, and Logons .
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SELECT empid, lvl, path FROM dbo.Subordinates3(1, NULL) AS S;
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As you saw in 8, Silverlight Core Controls, and 9, Silverlight Controls: Advanced Controls, many of the controls, including Button, are content controls, meaning that they can render XAML content. For example, a Button control can contain content much more interesting than just a string that says Click Me! You can add features to content controls to offer users a richer experience when interacting with the controls.
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14 . . While in Template Editing mode, pick up a TextBox control from the Toolbox and drop it into the DeclarativeCatalogPart . Then, access the page s source view and update the actual markup to add a Title attribute, as shown:
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Entity Field
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What Does the Security Block Do
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FIGURE 15-6 The Updates page, showing details for an optional update
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Lesson 1: Connecting to Data with Data Source Controls
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Keeping on Track with The Plan
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(41, (43, (47, (53, (59, 'a'), 'a'), 'c'), 'c'), 'c');
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with the cities in ascending order. It does not sort the cities within the group ( just the groups themselves by their cities).
A. Correct: In this query, the data is sorted first by county and then by city. These results
Figure 5-15. A customized ListBox example
BEGINDATE DURATION TRAINER ----------- -------- -------03-FEB-2000 2 SMITH 13-DEC-1999 4 SMITH 04-OCT-1999 4 SMITH 10-AUG-1999 1 JONES 13-DEC-1999 4 JONES 24-FEB-2001 2 SCOTT 11-SEP-2000 1 SCOTT 01-FEB-2000 4 ADAMS 12-APR-1999 4 FORD 27-SEP-2000 1 FORD
Run the following code to return the new contents of the Workload table, shown in abbreviated form in Table 3-11: SELECT tsql_code, duration, cs FROM dbo.Workload
the application has a reference. Thinking about how you will access the data, answer the following questions:
CHECKSUM returns an integer between 2147483648 and 2147483647. Adding 2147483649 and then dividing by the oat value 4294967296e0 yields a random number in the range 0 through 1 (excluding 0). Multiplying this random number by 100 returns a random oat value greater than 0 and less than or equal to 100. Remember that the TOP PERCENT option accepts a oat percentage in the range 0 through 100, and it rounds up the number of returned rows. A percentage greater than 0 guarantees that at least one row will be returned. The query creating the derived table D thus returns a random number of rows from the table based on orderid (primary key) sort. The outer query then simply returns the last row from the derived table that is, the one with the greatest orderid values. This solution is not necessarily more ef cient than the previous one I presented, but it was a good opportunity to show how you can use TOP s ability to accept an expression as input. With the new APPLY operator, you can now answer other randomness requests easily and ef ciently, without the need to explicitly apply iterative logic. For example, the following query returns three random orders for each employee:
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