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If you want to retain the original exception and the information it contains, you can wrap the exception in another exception and specify a sanitized user-friendly error message for the containing exception. This is the error message that the global error handler will display. However, code elsewhere in the application (such as code in a calling layer that needs to access and log the exception details) can access the contained exception and retrieve the information it requires before passing the exception on to another layer or to the global exception handler. This intermediate code could alternatively remove the contained exception or use an Exception Handling block policy to replace it at that point in the application. So, the first stage is to configure the exception handling policy you require. You need to add a policy that specifies the type of exception returned from your code (in this case, we ll specify the base class Exception), and set the PostHandlingAction property for this exception type to ThrowNewException so that the Exception Handling block will automatically throw the new exception that wraps the original exception. Then, add a Wrap handler to the policy, and specify the exception message and the type of exception you want to use to wrap the original exception (we chose Exception here again). Figure 2 shows the completed configuration.
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Roles in ASP.NET simplify the implementation of applications that require authorization. A role is just a logical attribute assigned to a user. An ASP.NET role is a plain string that refers to the logical role the user plays in the context of the application. In terms of configuration, each user can be assigned one or more roles. This information is attached to the identity object, and the application code can check it before the execution of critical operations. For example, an application might define two roles Admin and Guest, each granting its users a set of permissions. Users belonging to the Admin role can perform tasks that other users are prohibited from performing.
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Recovering Volumes
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"How long will it take you to test " This can be a difficult question to answer for any test team, and a lot of thought and planning are essential to give an accurate answer. I have seen unsuccessful teams simply add a few weeks of "buffer" or "stabilization" time at the end of a product cycle. As you can expect, projects planned this way rarely meet customer expectations. Accurately estimating the testing task is at least as important as the act of writing software features, and it deserves equal attention. How do you estimate how long it will take you to test a feature or an application One rule of thumb I have seen used often is to copy the development time. For example, if a particular development task is scheduled to take 2 man-weeks, estimating that 2 man-weeks are necessary for writing automation and describing manual test cases can be useful. This approach is usually accurate, but in practice it is merely a starting point because so many factors can influence the testing task. The goals of the product team, customer expectations, technical ability of the test team, and complexity of the project all influence the testing process, and every tester must consider these factors when estimating test time. Table 4-2 includes examples of things to consider in test time estimation. Table 4-2: Factors in Test Time Estimation Open table as spreadsheet
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Primitive Thread Synchronization Constructs
Service Application Experience Application Information
Many of you probably have a change jar somewhere a container full of coins. From time to time, you might dig into your change jar to nd a quarter,1 and the process of doing so is probably second nature. Partly because it s so familiar, the process of retrieving a quarter from a change jar will be a useful example for the discussion of algorithms and complexity. While a coin isn t exactly data, retrieving a quarter is much like executing this T-SQL SELECT query:
Thread Stack Heap Manager Object e (Employee) year (int32) = 5 Type object ptr Sync block index Instance fields Manager Object Type object ptr Sync block index Instance fields
Listing 5 1. A trivial widget class MyWidget : public QWidget { Q_OBJECT public: explicit MyWidget (QWidget *parent = 0) : QWidget(parent) {} protected: void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *) { QPainter painter(this); painter.setPen(Qt::blue); painter.setFont(QFont("Arial", 18)); painter.drawText(rect(), Qt::AlignCenter, "Hello world"); } private: Q_DISABLE_COPY(MyWidget) };
Do I have a permanent connection to the Internet on both sides of the
New Office Shapes and WordArt
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The shared connection on the ICS host acquires an IP address from the internet service provider. An exception for Internet Connection Sharing is created and enabled in Windows Firewall. The connection to the local network from the ICS host uses the static IP address, configured with a subnet mask of The Internet Connection Sharing service runs automatically on the ICS host. A DHCP allocator on the ICS host automatically assigns IP addresses to other computers on the network. The default range is to, with a subnet mask of A DNS proxy on the ICS host eliminates the need to specify DNS servers on other computers on the network. Network connections on the other computers should be configured to obtain an IP address and DNS server address automatically.
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