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7 . . Now run the page . It should load the XML and schema into the QuotesCollection, save the QuotesCollection in the cache, and then show the data in the grid . Clicking the Save Table As XML button refreshes the XML file (on which a cache dependency was made) . Because the file on the disk changes, ASP .NET will flush the cache . Next time you load the page, the cache will need to be reloaded . Next, look at the final cache dependency: the SQL Server dependency .
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Introducing the 2007 Microsoft Office System
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GC.Collect, forcing a garbage collection to start prior to generation 0 reaching its budget .
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All feeds are defined in the Newsfeed Manager (see Figure 7-24, where the list shows their name, category, ID, maximum number of articles, cache time limit, and order).
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Note A full list of the parameters you can use in a RubyGems specification file is available at http://
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ASP.NET and WPF Content
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If Startup Repair is unable to solve your problem, you re likely to see the following message, with a request that you consent to informing Microsoft:
order-processing pipeline that deals with authorizing credit cards, stock checking, shipping, providing email notifications, and so on. We ll leave the credit card processing specifics until 15, but we ll show you where this process fits in before then.
The result you see as this code executes is shown here.
Exercise: Adding the orders and the order_detail Tables to the Database
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While the Windows Firewall Control Panel applet allows you to configure some basic settings, to manage the enhanced features you need to use the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security MMC console, the Group Policy Editor MMC console, or the netsh command-line tool. You can use the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security console to configure settings on remote computers as well as on the local host. To manage the new Windows Firewall via Group Policy, navigate to Computer Configuration/ Windows Settings/Security Settings/Windows Firewall with Advanced Security in the Group Policy Editor snap-in, as shown in Figure 5-3. Group Policy settings for the new Windows Firewall are ignored by computers running Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 they continue to apply settings defined at Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates \Network\Network Connections\Windows Firewall. This may seem confusing, but because of the fundamental design changes and the IPsec integration, creating a new location in Group Policy for managing the new firewall was necessary.
Roles re ect the tasks and services we expect of our servers. The File Services Role includes various aspects of using SBS as a le server, one of the most basic tasks of our SBS servers. Most Roles that should be installed on the main SBS server are installed automatically as part of the installation of Windows Small Business Server 2008. And you should be very cautious about installing any additional Roles on the main SBS server. SBS is a complicated and busy server already, and adding additional Roles or functionality is not usually recommended. Instead, add a second server to your SBS network to add additional Roles whenever possible, or use the second server that is part of the Premium Edition of SBS.
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