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USE InsideTSQL2008; DECLARE @db AS NVARCHAR(258) = QUOTENAME(N'tempdb'); EXEC(N'USE ' + @db + N'; SELECT DB_NAME();');
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// Look up the source file and line number. ZeroMemory ( &g_stLine , sizeof ( IMAGEHLP_LINE64 ) ) ; g_stLine.SizeOfStruct = sizeof ( IMAGEHLP_LINE64 ) ; DWORD dwLineDisp ; if ( TRUE == SymGetLineFromAddr64 ( GetCurrentProcess ( ) (DWORD64)pExPtrs-> ExceptionRecord-> ExceptionAddress , &dwLineDisp &g_stLine ) { iCurr += wsprintf ( g_szBuff + iCurr , _T ( "," ) ) ; // Copy no more of the source file and line number // information than there's room for. int iLen = lstrlenA ( g_stLine.FileName ) ; if ( iLen > ( BUFF_SIZE - iCurr MAX_PATH - 50 { #ifdef UNICODE // string. TCHAR * pWideName = (TCHAR*)_alloca ( iLen + 1 ) ; BSUAnsi2Wide(g_stLine.FileName , pWideName , iLen + 1); lstrcpyn ( g_szBuff + iCurr pWideName BUFF_SIZE - iCurr - 1 #else lstrcpyn ( g_szBuff + iCurr g_stLine.FileName BUFF_SIZE - iCurr - 1 #endif // UNICODE // Gotta leave now szRet = g_szBuff ; __leave ; 484 , , ) ; , , ) ; Get some room on the stack to convert the ) ) , ) ,
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FIguRE 2-2 The Add Reference dialog box in Visual Studio
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Managing Cookies
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Table F-2. The Java to .NET Mapping for the java.awt.event Package generator pdf417
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- Detected by: [none] - Tag value: dateDue - Message: 'Date due must be between today and six months time.'
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On the screen shown in Figure 2-16, you must accept the GNU General Public License (GPL) to continue with the installation. I recommend you read the license, as it is straightforward and limits the amount of legalese you ll have to dig through to get to actual rights and restrictions.
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TOP and Determinism
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656 ChAPTER 11
if (pos < maxlength - 1) { nextchar = RawString[pos + 1]; } else { nextchar = RawString[pos]; } if (mode == "command") { p2.Append(currchar); if ((",( =<>!".IndexOf(currchar) >= 0) && (nextchar >= '0' && nextchar <= '9')) { mode = "number"; p2.Append('#'); } if (currchar == '\'') { mode = "literal"; p2.Append("#'"); } } else if ((mode == "number") && (",( =<>!".IndexOf(nextchar) >= 0)) { mode = "command"; } else if ((mode == "literal") && (currchar == '\'')) { mode = "command"; } pos++; } return p2.ToString(); }
With your clear and concise story line in place in your slide headlines and with your narration written out in the off-screen notes area, your next step will be to tap into your team s visual thinking skills by brainstorming an illustration for each headline of each of the Act I slides of your storyboard. You ll do that by sketching a visual idea on each of the ve slides, which you ll learn about in 7, either using a Tablet PC, as shown on the slides in Figure 3-13, or using printouts of the slides. When you do this, your focus is on making full use of the powerful visual channel of your audience members by sketching out a crisp and compelling visual story that complements your clear and concise headlines. Just as your headlines tell a story with only words, your sketches now should complement, enhance, and intensify that story on
. . . 1 . . Create a new Visual Studio Web Application project . Name it UseWebParts. 2 . . In the default page, add a WebPartManager by dragging an instance from the Toolbox onto the page. 3 . . Drag a WebPartZone onto the page . Set the ID to WebPartZoneLinks . Set the HeaderText to Try .These .Links . Set the HeaderStyle font ForeColor to Blue (so that you can see it better later during editing mode) . Using the AutoFormat editor of the control itself, set the style to Professional . (To access AutoFormat, click the caret to the right of the control in the Designer .) 4 . . Add some HyperLinks to the WebPartZone, as shown here . Feel free to add any hyperlink you like (these are just examples) .
To get only two levels of subordinates under employee 3, run the following code:
You are the domain administrator for the Baldwin Museum of Science. The museum has 50 computers running Microsoft Windows NT 4 Workstation. A customized software package is installed on the clients that allows users to obtain illustrations and descriptions of the museum s exhibits. The domain s two domain controllers also act as file servers, and they have recently been upgraded to Windows Server 2003. Museum visitors who sign on for this service are given user names and passwords that allow them to log on and use this facility. During a closure period, you upgrade all the clients to Windows XP Professional. Now users report that they cannot use the software. How should you solve the problem with the least administrative effort A. Use the Security Configuration And Analysis snap-in to configure the domain controllers with the Compatible security template. B. Use Microsoft Windows 2003 group policy to configure the client PCs with the Compatible security template. C. Use the Security Configuration And Analysis snap-in to configure the clients with the Compatible security template. D. Put all user accounts into the Power Users group on the client PCs.
After this lesson, you will be able to:
Starting a new process under a specific user account . See the System.Diagnostics.Process and System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo classes . Constructing an event log session . See the
csc /target:exe /out:Application.exe MyApplication.cs MySupportClass.cs
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