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Note that you can use the same syntax to create an anonymous type as your result. To do so, you simply use Select new and do not specify a type. You also need to allow the compiler to determine your type at run time. This means using var (or an undefined type in Visual Basic). The following code shows an example.
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1. Ipconfig /displaydns. Displays the contents of the DNS client cache 2. Ipconfig /flushdns. Purges the contents of the DNS client cache 3. Ipconfig /registerdns. Refreshes all DHCP leases and reregisters DNS names with DNS zones configured to accept dynamic updates Know also that the Ipconfig /registerdns command can be used only on clients running Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.
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If you are in a frameset, you can also specify the name of the frame to use. Here s an example that specifies that a new browser window should open when the user selects the control:
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Named Range refers to a named range within the workbook. Select the named range from the Select Range drop-down list. 9. Click Import. The contents of the Excel list are displayed in the new list on the SharePoint site.
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Table 7-9. Members of System.Text.Encoder
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Did the new page layout changes come about as a result of user feedback How so
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Note: (1) Times in this and the following tables in this chapter are given in seconds and are meaningful only for comparisons across rows in each table. Actual times will vary according to the compiler and compiler options used and the environment in which each test is run. (2) Benchmark results are typically made up of several
Input Validation and Site Navigation
As the just-in-time (JIT) compiler converts M3 s Intermediate Language (IL) code into native CPU instructions, it notices all of the types that are referred to inside M3: Employee, Int32, Manager, and String (because of "Joe") . At this time, the CLR ensures that the assemblies that define these types are loaded . Then, using the assembly s metadata, the CLR extracts information about these types and creates some data structures to represent the types themselves . The data structures for the Employee and Manager type objects are shown in Figure 4-7 . Since this thread already executed some code prior to calling M3, let s assume that the Int32 and String type objects have already been created (which is likely because these are commonly used types), and so I won t show them in the figure .
Core Facilities
LISTING 2-1 Bubble sort, written in the penguin dialect
This method is used internally to change view when a command button is clicked.
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