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Visual Basic Example of Using a Safety Counter to Prevent Infinite Recursion
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Java replaceAll()
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// EAX holds the fill value. // Move the string into EDI. // Move the count into ECX.
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Writing and Working with HTTP Modules and Web Services
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22. Developer Testing
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} The first part of the function tests whether the user has typed a name for the presentation. If the presName text box is empty, the code warns the user and stops further execution. If the user has done his or her duty and provided a name for the presentation, the function retrieves the built-in profile named MediumQualityAudioVideo from the ProfileMgr object and then stores the retrieved Profile object in a variable named myProfile. The code then calls the WebHost.AddProfile() method, passing along the myProfile object. Producer will use each profile that exists in the WebHost object to publish the presentation, and the resulting Windows Media files will be created and numbered in the order in which the profile objects were added to the Web host. This e-service, of course, uses only one profile. Finally, the function sets the PublishName property using the text the user typed into the presName box, then sets the PublishDestination property using the Web server path
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The query string generated by the stored procedure looks like this:
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Controlling Video Opacity
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SELECT GROUPING_ID( custid, empid, YEAR(orderdate), MONTH(orderdate), DAY(orderdate) ) AS grp_id, custid, empid, YEAR(orderdate) AS orderyear, MONTH(orderdate) AS ordermonth, DAY(orderdate) AS orderday, SUM(qty) AS qty FROM dbo.Orders GROUP BY CUBE(custid, empid), ROLLUP(YEAR(orderdate), MONTH(orderdate), DAY(orderdate));
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When you use the Copy task you will always use the SourceFiles property to de ne what les should be copied. As for the location where the les will be copied to, you have a choice of using either DestinationFolder or DestinationFiles. The only time you should use the DestinationFolder over the DestinationFiles is when you are copying les into the same destination directory. Take a look at the following complete version of the Copy01.proj; the text in bold is the added parts.
Part of the upgrade process from Team Foundation Server 2005 to Team Foundation Server 2008 is the upgrade of the Team Build component. Team Build was one of the most improved components of Team Foundation Server 2008 and as a result has a quite rich upgrade process. This upgrade process performs a number of actions: 1. Upgrades the schema of the TfsBuild and TfsWarehouse databases. 2. Upgrades the data in the TfsBuild and TfsWarehouse databases. 3. Imports the existing build types as new build de nitions. 4. Imports WorkspaceMapping.xml les into the new build de nitions. 5. Imports any build machines referenced in the build types as build agents.
Assuming the default is set, the largest size that the current audit log file can reach is 1 MB. Also by default, if the amount of disk space remaining on the server disk falls below 20 MB, audit logging is halted. When sufficient space again becomes available, DHCP audit logging resumes.
Figure 16-9 In some (but not all) iews, you can customize the display to iew and edit additional details about the current selection.
The operator s name and a short description of its function. Physical Operation The physical operation that will take place in the engine.
DROP INDEX Sales.Orders.idx_eid_od_oid; DROP INDEX Sales.Orders.idx_eid_od_rd_oid;
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