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Table 10-2: SetMethod Notification Flags Flag[*] ALL APPDOMAIN_LOADS ASSEMBLY_LOADS CACHE_SEARCHES Immutable Yes No No No Description Turn on all notification flags. Notify on each AppDomain load or unload. Notify on each assembly load or unload. Notify whenever the install-time code finds functions that have been run through Native Image Generator (NGEN). Notify on each COM-callable wrapper. Notify on each class load or unload. Notify on each internal CLR exception handling. 407
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I de ned a proposition as a statement that has a speci c truth value. The expression x<3 contains a variable and has no xed truth value and is therefore a predicate, not a proposition. On the other hand, the expression x<3+x also contains a variable, but it does have a xed truth value, or at least it seems to in the context of real numbers. Unlike for x<3, the truth of x<3+x doesn t depend on the value of x. Does this make x<3+x a proposition The name doesn t really matter. It s more important to understand what things mean, not what to call them. When we say that x<3+x is true, we mean that it s true for all x-values. We could also consider whether x<3 is true for all x-values, and our conclusion would be that it s not. In the same sense that x<3+x is true, then x<3 is false, but we aren t usually so quick to assign a single truth value to the expression x<3. New terms are sometimes used to distinguish situations like this: x<3+x might be called an identity, and x<3 might be called an equation or inequality. These words can be useful, but they aren t easy to de ne rigorously. No matter how we name expressions, recognizing things that are implied or hidden such as for all x-values is useful and sometimes crucial. Perhaps the most ubiquitous example of something hidden or implied is a dependence on time. As I type this sentence, I can say truthfully that George W. Bush is the president of the United States. As you read the sentence, however, my assertion is not true. There is a hidden dependence on time, and an understanding that adds right now to the proposition.
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Part II:
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Working with Data Source Controls and Data-Bound Controls
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Note The file extension of ERB templates is .erb. Those that are HTML-based typically use the dual extension of .html.erb in Rails, although just .erb will suffice technically.
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FIGURE 11-14 Contact record after being updated by script to deactivate the phone numbers and hide
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User changes the Active Accounts view name to Active Clients in Unmanaged Solution Reinstall Managed Solution A and maintain customizations
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Type.registerNamespace("AjaxEnabled"); //create constructor AjaxEnabled.PasswordStrengthComponent = function() { AjaxEnabled.PasswordStrengthComponent.initializeBase(this); }
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In this method, we let the FileLoggerBase class take care of parsing the logger parameters, after which the class elds are initialized. In the InitializeEvents method, the build event
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This may shock some readers, but millions of people used the Internet for communication and information retrieval long before Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau developed the Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). It is true people were able to find each other and access useful information online without using browsers! Electronic mail use predates the Internet and actually helped drive its development. People also shared information online by publishing documents and other types of data on File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers, but if you did not already know where the location of the file you wanted, finding it was very difficult. Gopher a distributed document search and retrieval system was a predecessor of the World Wide Web. Veronica, one of the Internet s earliest search engines, could find information based on the names of menu items on Gopher sites. Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS) was an early client-server searching system capable of doing full-text searches on Gopher servers. Yes, I used all of these technologies and more when I got bored with USENET and Bulletin Board systems, via a 2400 baud modem. I am a dinosaur.
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Dynamic Data, XBAP, MVC, AJAX, and Silverlight
Changing Update Level
1. Load pgAdmin III, and connect to the hatshop database. 2. Click Tools Query tool (or click the SQL button on the toolbar). A new query window should appear. 3. Use the query tool to execute this code, which creates the catalog_delete_product function to your hatshop database: -- Create catalog_delete_product function CREATE FUNCTION catalog_delete_product(INTEGER) RETURNS VOID LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE inProductId ALIAS FOR $1; BEGIN DELETE FROM product_category WHERE product_id = inProductId; DELETE FROM product WHERE product_id = inProductId; END; $$; The catalog_delete_product function completely removes a product from the catalog by deleting its entries in the product_category and product tables. 4. Use the query tool to execute this code, which creates the catalog_remove_product_from_category function in your hatshop database: -- Create catalog_remove_product_from_category function CREATE FUNCTION catalog_remove_product_from_category(INTEGER, INTEGER) RETURNS SMALLINT LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE inProductId ALIAS FOR $1; inCategoryId ALIAS FOR $2; productCategoryRowsCount INTEGER; BEGIN SELECT INTO productCategoryRowsCount count(*) FROM product_category WHERE product_id = inProductId; IF productCategoryRowsCount = 1 THEN PERFORM catalog_delete_product(inProductId); RETURN 0; END IF; DELETE FROM product_category WHERE category_id = inCategoryId AND product_id = inProductId; RETURN 1; END; $$;
A light-hearted penalty can help to emphasize this priority. Some groups give out lollipops to each sucker who breaks the build. This developer then has to tape the sucker to his office door until he fixes the problem. Other groups have guilty developers wear goat horns or contribute $5 to a morale fund. Some projects establish a penalty with more bite. Microsoft developers on highprofile projects such as Windows 2000 and Microsoft Office have taken to wearing beepers in the late stages of their projects. If they break the build, they get called in to fix it even if their defect is discovered at 3 a.m.
The Bitmap instance is created by specifying the dimensions of the area to draw; in the example, we use the Width and Height properties from the Control class. The off-screen Graphics instance is retrieved from the Bitmap, and the drawing operations are then applied without causing the screen to be updated. Finally, the contents of the Bitmap are drawn to the screen using the Graphics.DrawImage method; it's important to ensure that the Dispose method is called on the Bitmap to ensure that unmanaged resources are released. The flicker caused by the automatic clearing of the contents of a specific component can be prevented by overriding the Control.OnPaintBackground method and providing an empty method body.
Implementing Service Layer for TechConf
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