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The AAA infrastructure exists to provide authentication of connections and log those connections so that the security of the network can be monitored. A strong AAA infrastructure is vital to the security of any remote access or site-to-site enabled network. The AAA infrastructure does the following:
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The Hibernate Session embodies the concept of a persistence service (or persistence manager) that can be used to query and perform insert, update, and delete operations on instances of a class mapped by Hibernate. In an ORM tool you perform all of these interactions using objectoriented semantics; that is, you no longer are referring to tables and columns, but you use Java classes and object properties. As its name implies, the Session is a short-lived, lightweight object used as a bridge during a conversation between the application and the database. The Session wraps the underlying JDBC connection or J2EE data source, and it serves as a first-level cache for persistent objects bound to it.
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// Create an initialize a String array String[] names = { "Jeff", "Kristin", "Aidan", "Grant" }; // Get just the names that have a lowercase 'a' in them. Char charToFind = 'a'; names = Array.FindAll(names, name => name.IndexOf(charToFind) >= 0); // Convert each string's characters to uppercase names = Array.ConvertAll(names, name => name.ToUpper()); // Display the results Array.ForEach(names, Console.WriteLine);
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Sometimes when you re adjusting Microsoft Dynamics CRM security roles, you may later get an error message telling you that the user does not have permission to complete an action. You may think to yourself, What in the world is this talking about After you review the security roles, you wonder which privilege could possibly be missing that would result in this error.
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// set up Color enumerated type class Color { private Color() {} public static final Color Red = new Color(); public static final Color Green = new Color(); public static final Color Blue = new Color(); } // set up Country enumerated type class Country { private Country() {} public static final Country China = new Country(); public static final Country England = new Country(); public static final Country France = new Country(); public static final Country Germany = new Country(); public static final Country India = new Country(); public static final Country Japan = new Country(); } // set up Output enumerated type class Output { private Output() {} public static final Output Screen = new Output(); public static final Output Printer = new Output(); public static final Output File = new Output(); }
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There is a company that was not heeding this important warning . On their Web site, users could create new accounts by selecting a user name and a password . The Web site then took the password String, called GetHashCode, and persisted the hash code value in a database . When users logged back on to the Web site, they entered their password . The Web site would call GetHashCode again and compare the hash code value with the stored value in the database . If the hash codes matched, the user would be granted access . Unfortunately, when the company upgraded to a new version of the CLR, String s GetHashCode method had changed, and it now returned a different hash code value . The end result was that no user was able to log on to the Web site anymore!
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Ruby supports a construction called the ternary operator. Its usage is simple: x = 10 puts x > 10 "Higher than ten" : "Lower or equal to ten"
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the types in the System.Data.SqlTypes namespace are not replaced by nullable types, partially because there isn t a one-to-one correspondence between types . For example, the SqlDecimal type has a maximum of 38 digits, whereas the regular Decimal type can reach only 29 . In addition, the SqlString type supports its own locale and compare options, which are not supported by the normal String type .
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C. Incorrect: Deleting and creating zones has no effect on server status. D. Correct: Everything is in place for the DNS server to be activated. All you need to do is refresh it.
// Default string representation public override string ToString() { return this._isnull NULL : ("(" + this._begin.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) + ":" + this._end.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) + ")"); } // Null handling public bool IsNull { get { return this._isnull; } }
height="300" width="100%"> </object> The id attribute identifies the instance of the control, whereas the width and height properties specify the dimensions of the control's site. The key attribute to consider is classid. Normally, classid identifies the CLSID of the COM object or the ActiveX control to embed. Its typical syntax consists of the keyword clsid followed by a colon and the text representation of the object's CLSID, as shown here: <object id="myCtl" classid="clsid:8AD3067A-B3FC-11CF-A560-00A0C9081C21"> Since version 5.5, Internet Explorer supports an extended format that looks like this: classid="http:[assembly URL]#[full class name]" To instruct the browser to download the DataListView assembly from the root of the virtual directory, use the following code snippet: classid="http:DataListView.dll#XmlNet.CS.DataListView" The class to instantiate is XmlNet.CS.DataListView. The class must be referenced with its fully qualified name. The assembly doesn't necessarily have to be a DLL; it can be an EXE file instead. Note The size of the object must be set explicitly; otherwise, the control will not be displayed in the HTML page. The size can be specified in one of two ways: you can set the width and height attributes of the <object> tag, or you can indicate a size in the control class constructor.
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