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The ReportStatus method arbitrates the race that can occur among all the operations completing, the timeout occurring, and Cancel being called . ReportStatus must make sure that only one of these conditions is considered the winner so that the m_callback method is invoked only once . Arbitrating the winner is done via calling Interlocked.Exchange, passing it a reference to the m_statusReported field . This field is really treated as a Boolean variable; however, it can t actually be a Boolean variable because there are no Interlocked methods that accept a Boolean variable . So I use an Int32 variable instead where 0 means false and 1 means true . Inside ReportStatus, the Interlocked.Exchange call will change m_statusReported to 1 . But only the first thread to do this will see Interlocked.Exchange return a 0, and only this thread will invoke the callback method . Any other threads that call Interlocked.Exchange will get a return value of 1, effectively notifying these threads that the callback method has already been invoked and therefore it should not be invoked again .
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Notice that in this example, all that is being explicitly written is the actual content that appears in the browser window. The default implementation of StartContent writes the start <BODY> and <HTML> tags. The default implementation of WriteTitle calls GetTitle and then writes that title within the <TITLE> </TITLE> tags. In this case, I wanted to replace the default implementation of GetTitle so that I could provide my own title, as in the CGI example in Listing 1-1. The following code fragment does exactly that: LPCTSTR CSayHelloISAPIExtension::GetTitle() const { return "Hello ISAPI World"; } EndContent writes the ending </BODY> and </HTML> tags. After compiling the ISAPI extension DLL and setting up the appropriate virtual directory in IIS, the ISAPI DLL can be copied to the directory and run by entering the correct URL. The browser will display a screen similar to the one shown in Figure 1-3.
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tion of tools that help with troubleshooting any problems you may have.
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Specifies a Web Forms page to display when the XML Web service is queried by a Web browser. Consult the .NET documentation for more information.
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Working with Silverlight layout
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the DNS and WINS server addresses. In this configuration, the Routing And Remote Access Server Setup Wizard cannot automatically configure the DHCP Relay Agent routing protocol component. You must manually add the
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FileInfo x_fileinfo = new FileInfo("myfile.txt"); Console.WriteLine(x_fileinfo.CreationTime); Console.WriteLine(File.GetCreationTime("myfile.txt"));
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You can use the XQuery language within a SELECT statement to extract portions of the XML data . For example, the following query returns the company of the creator of each document .
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This query returns the following list of targets (wrapped for clarity):
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To load assemblies from directories other than the application base directory, you can resort to the <probing> element in the configuration file. In this case, you dictate that the run time searches for assemblies in the listed subdirectories of the application base. The application base is the directory that contains the configuration file or the directory that contains the control, if no configuration file is used. Note If your control references only assemblies stored in the global assembly cache, you don't need to take any additional measures. Those assemblies are always correctly located.
By now it should be clear that the formatting capabilities in the .NET Framework were designed to offer you a great deal of flexibility and control . However, we re not quite finished . It s possible for you to define a method that StringBuilder s AppendFormat method will call whenever any object is being formatted into a string . In other words, instead of calling ToString for each object, AppendFormat can call a function you define, allowing you to format any or all of the objects in any way you want . What I m about to describe also works with String s Format method . Let me explain this mechanism by way of an example . Let s say that you re formatting HTML text that a user will view in an Internet browser . You want all Int32 values to appear in bold . To accomplish this, every time an Int32 value is formatted into a String, you want to surround the string with HTML bold tags: <B> and </B> . The following code demonstrates how easy it is to do this:
Note Clearing the Restrict cross-frame scripting option is not available for users creating
Figure 2-14. Interface selection in New Java Class wizard
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" > <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition/> <RowDefinition/> <RowDefinition/> <RowDefinition/> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition Width="150"/> <ColumnDefinition/> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <TextBlock Text="First Name"/> <TextBlock Text="Last Name" Grid.Row="1"/> <TextBlock Text="Age" Grid.Row="2"/> <TextBox Grid.Column="1"/> <TextBox Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="1"/> <TextBox Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="1"/> <StackPanel Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="3" Orientation="Horizontal"> <Button Content="Save"/> <Button Content="Next"/> <Button Content="Delete"/> </StackPanel> </Grid> 10. Run the solution, and you will see the initial layout, which should look the same as what you started with in the previous exercise (Figure 10-1). The next thing to do is set the style properties for your controls. Highlight all three TextBlock controls. In the Properties panel, set the following properties: FontFamily: Verdana FontSize: 16 FontWeight: Bold Margin: 5,5,5,5
The code stores the output of DBCC IND in a temp table, then it uses a recursive query to follow the linked list from head to tail, and then it uses a technique using the FOR XML PATH option to concatenate the addresses of the leaf pages into a single string in linked list order. I got the following output on my system, shown here in abbreviated form:
Requirements: Only the public key is required. The private key is owned by the relying party to decrypt. Recommended certi cate store: LocalMachine\TrustedPeople, LocalMachine\AddressBook or if ADFS 2.0 is the issuer, the ADFS 2.0 database will keep it. Example: Note: Encrypting the token is optional, but it is generally recommended. Using TLS/SSL is already a measure to ensure con dentiality of the token in transit. This is an extra security measure that could be used in cases where claim values are con dential.
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