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Alternatively, if the Stock Trader RI modules were more loosely coupled in terms of when they needed to be loaded, they could have been developed as Silverlight application projects and placed in individual .xap files. If you used that approach, the deployment architecture would more closely resemble the following illustration. After you break the modules into their own .xap files, you can choose to delay the loading of some of the modules, if appropriate, based on the application functionality. You would typically use a ModuleCatalog.xaml file packaged as part of the shell .xap file to determine what modules the application is composed of, what their dependencies are, and what their loading characteristics are (on-demand or not).
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Essentials (SCE), or to a third-party product. SCE is a good product, and well-suited to larger SBS networks, but it should be installed on its own server, not on the main SBS 2008 server. An alternative to the Microsoft patch management solutions that we ve used and like a lot is Shavlik s NetChk Protect ( This is a fullfeatured, powerful product that gives you the ability to create multiple patch groups, control the download and deployment actions and schedules for each group differently, and even patch computers that aren t part of your SBS domain but are connected to your network. It supports patching of popular non-Microsoft products that you re likely to have on your SBS network, such as WinZip, Firefox, Apple QuickTime, and Adobe Acrobat. Other alternatives that we ve not used but that have come recommended by fellow SBS administrators include PatchLink Update ( and BigFix (http://www.big
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Common Security Scenarios
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Figure 4-5. POJO-driven approach
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6. Advanced Language Features
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the file system. If this option is not selected, Check Disk reports any errors it finds but does not change them. This option is the equivalent of running the Chkdsk command with the /F switch, as described later in this section.
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Partitions and Volumes
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Figure 10-2 To perform an administratie task, a standard user must enter the password for an administrator account.
Figure 7-34. CM Advanced Customization page.
Tip The input to the aggregate function must be a base column from the PIVOT operator s input
WindowsBuild=2600 AND ServicePackLevel=1 (check for Windows XP with Service Pack 1)
Implementing the Presentation Tier
Lesson 1
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