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6. On Computer1, review the NAT configuration in the Routing And Remote Access console. What is the error in the configuration Write your answer in the space provided.
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This tells you that 50 percent is not selective enough to justify using the nonclustered index. So you go to the right, to the middle point between 50 percent and a 100 percent. Following this logic, you would end up using the following keys: 750001, 875001, 937501, 968751, 984376, 992189, and 996095. The last key yields a plan where the nonclustered index is used. So now you go to the left, to the point between the keys 992189 and 996095, which is 994142. You will nd that the nonclustered index is still used, so you keep on going left, to the point between the keys 992189 and 994142. You continue this process, going left or right according to your ndings, until you reach the rst selectivity point where the nonclustered index is used. You will nd that this point is the key 993347, producing the plan shown in Figure 4-58.
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MouseArea { acceptedButtons: Qt.LeftButton | Qt.RightButton onPressed: if (mouse.button == Qt.RightButton) console.log("Right mouse button pressed") else if (mouse.button == Qt.LeftButton) console.log("Left mouse button pressed"); }
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If you want to explore Ramaze further, the following resources should be of assistance: Official Ramaze homepage ( The official Ramaze homepage features links to tutorials, screencasts, reference materials, and downloads related to Ramaze. Ramaze source code ( This is the GitHub repository, where the latest version of Ramaze s source code exists. While you can install Ramaze using RubyGems, if you want to contribute to the code, this is the place to go. Ramaze by Example ( This site includes a set of 11 tutorials covering the most significant Ramaze features, from installation to models views, and controllers; validation; and error handling.
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are lying about what actually went wrong . In my example, a file was not found but I m reporting that a name was not found . Second, you are lying about where the failure occurred . If the FileNotFoundException were allowed to propagate up the call stack, its StackTrace property would reflect that the error occurred inside FileStream s constructor . But when I swallow this exception and throw a new NameNotFoundException, the stack trace will indicate that the error occurred inside the catch block, several lines away from where the real exception was thrown . This can make debugging very difficult, so this technique should be used with great care .
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Support for the Network Diagnostics Framework
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Obtaining and Installing AspectJ
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Allows you to change the Windows automatic update settings. (These are covered in the next section.)
Key Classes
Figure 4-10. Hibernate libraries in the TechConf directory structure Table 4-1. Hibernate J2SE Application Dependencies
reader.Schemas.Add("urn:my-company", "clients.xsd"); While validating, the XmlValidatingReader class identifies the schema to use for a given XML source document by matching the document's namespace URI with the namespace URIs available in the collection. If the input document is an XDR schema, the source item to match in the schema collection is the contents of the xmlns attribute. If the input document is an XSD schema, the targetNamespace attribute in the XSD source code is used. When you add a new schema to the collection and the namespace URI argument (the first argument) is null or empty, the Add method automatically brings in the value of the xmlns attribute if the source file is an XDR schema and the value of the targetNamespace attribute if you are adding an XSD schema, as shown here: XmlTextReader _coreReader = new XmlTextReader(file); XmlValidatingReader reader XmlValidatingReader(_coreReader); reader.Schemas.Add(null, "Clients.xsd"); reader.ValidationType = ValidationType.Schema; reader.ValidationEventHandler ValidationEventHandler(MyHandler); += new = new
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