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Perception and the Laws of Perception
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How Formatters Serialize Type Instances
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Part III Processes
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(You would typically use your company s name rather than your name.)
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You can examine the properties to determine the result of the loop . If IsCompleted returns true, then the loop ran to completion and all the items were processed . If IsCompleted is false and LowestBreakIteration is null, then some thread participating in the work called the Stop method . If IsCompleted is false and LowestBreakIteration is not null, then some thread participating in the work called the Break method and the Int64 value returned from LowestBreakIteration indicates the index of the lowest item guaranteed to have been processed . generate code 39 barcode
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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Function overloading allows the existence of multiple functions with the same name, differing only in the parameters. For example, if you were creating a method to send a string to a browser, you might declare several functions, each named Write. One version would accept a string as a parameter; another, an integer; and yet another, a DateTime object. If you re a VBScript programmer, you might wonder what the big deal is. In the old ASP object model under VBScript, you could, for example, call the Response.Write method with a string or an integer, or a date and it would seem to work as you would expect. There s a subtle difference, however. In VBScript, all variables are the Variant type, a sort of chameleon variable that becomes whatever is poured into it. The Response.Write method simply takes whatever is passed and writes the resulting string to the HTML stream. Function overloading is different in that the specific Write methods provided will be called based on the type of argument. If the Write method is called with an argument that can t be converted implicitly to one of the types that one of the overloaded Write functions expects, a compile time error is generated.
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The Repeater control also uses templates to define custom binding. However, it does not show data as individual records. Instead, it repeats the data rows as you specify in your template. This allows you to create a single row of data and have it repeat across your page. The Repeater control is a read-only template. That is, it supports only the ItemTemplate. It does not implicitly support editing, insertion, and deletion. You should consider one of the other controls if you need this functionality, otherwise you will have to code this yourself for the Repeater control. The following markup is similar to that for the FormView control example. It displays shipper data from the Northwind database as bound to a Label and two TextBox controls.
#pragma message ( "IA64 NOT DEFINED!!" ) #pragma FORCE COMPILATION ABORT! #else #pragma message ( "CPU NOT DEFINED!!" ) #pragma FORCE COMPILATION ABORT! #endif return ( g_szBuff ) ; } LPCTSTR ConvertSimpleException ( DWORD dwExcept ) { switch ( dwExcept ) { case EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION break ; case EXCEPTION_DATATYPE_MISALIGNMENT break ; case EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT break ; case EXCEPTION_SINGLE_STEP break ; case EXCEPTION_ARRAY_BOUNDS_EXCEEDED break ; case EXCEPTION_FLT_DENORMAL_OPERAND : : : : : : return ( _T ( "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" ) ) ;
Figure 7-3 The Data 1 worksheet contains all of the information that is to appear in the focus .
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To monitor your own computer, leave Local Computer selected in the drop-down list in the upper left corner of the dialog box. To monitor a remote computer, select it in this list. To specify what you want to monitor, begin by clicking the name of an object. The object names function like outline controls; when you click one, its list of available counters appears. At the same time, the list of available instances appears in a separate window below the object list. Select a counter, select an instance, and then click Add. For information about what a counter counts, select the Show Description check box.
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