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Appendix A. Platform Integration public BeaconServiceInstaller() { // Instantiate and configure the ServiceProcessInstaller BeaconProcess = new ServiceProcessInstaller(); BeaconProcess.Account = ServiceAccount.LocalSystem; // Instantiate and configure the ServiceInstaller for the // First Event Log Beacon BeaconLogService1 = new ServiceInstaller(); BeaconLogService1.DisplayName = "Log Beacon 1"; BeaconLogService1.ServiceName = "LogBeacon1"; BeaconLogService1.StartType = ServiceStartMode.Automatic; // Instantiate and configure the ServiceInstaller for the // Second Event Log Beacon BeaconLogService2 = new ServiceInstaller(); BeaconLogService2.DisplayName = "Log Beacon 2"; BeaconLogService2.ServiceName = "LogBeacon2"; BeaconLogService2.StartType = ServiceStartMode.Automatic; // Add the installers to the Installers collection Installers.Add(BeaconLogService1); Installers.Add(BeaconLogService2); Installers.Add(BeaconProcess); } }
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By now, you probably have realized that dynamic SQL holds within it great power and, at the same time, great risk . By using dynamic SQL wisely, you can get great performance benefits and flexible solutions . Using it unwisely often leads to lengthy, inefficient code that is open to attacks that can cause damage in your system . For more information about many of the subjects discussed in this chapter including dynamic SQL in general, dynamic search conditions, dynamic pivoting, arrays and lists, and others, you can find excellent articles written by SQL Server MVP Erland Sommarskog on his Web site: .
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6-10: The color picker, made available to our RequiredTextBox custom control
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FIGURE 11-10 The top of the painting.
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Questions and Answers
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create and use the validators provided with the block to validate individual values and members of objects. WCF Service Validation Integration. This section describes how you can use the block to validate parameters within a WCF service. Finally, we ll round off the chapter by looking briefly at how you can integrate the Validation block with user interface technologies such as Windows Forms, WPF, and ASP. NET. The most common scenario when using the Validation block is to validate an instance of a class in your application. The Validation block uses the combination of rules defined in a rule set and validators added as attributes to test the values of members of the class, and the result of executing any self-validation methods within the class. The Validation block makes it easy to validate entire objects (all or a subset of its members) using a specific type validator or by using the Object validator. You can also validate all of the objects in a collection using the Object Collection validator. We will look at the Object validator and the Object Collection validator later. For the moment, we ll concentrate on creating and using a specific type validator. Creating a Type Validator using the ValidatorFactory You can resolve a ValidatorFactory instance through the Enterprise Library container and use it to create a validator for a specific target type. This validator will validate objects using a rule set, and/or any attributes and self-validation methods the target object contains. To obtain an instance of the ValidatorFactory class, you can use the following code.
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Forums make up some of the most popular web sites on the Internet. Unlike newsgroups or mailing lists, which tend to be the domain of more technical people, forums provide extremely easy access to a non real-time discussion on the Web. Forums are a particularly good place to ask more basic questions and to get general advice.
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You add methods to a class prototype in much the same way that you add a function. The following code shows two example functions. The first, CheckPasswordStrength, takes a string and returns an enumeration value, Contoso.Utilities.PasswordStrength (more on this in a moment). The second function definition, AllowPasswordChange, can be called to determine whether a user s changed password meets the criteria for a change. If not, rules are added to an Array, and the false value is returned by the function. These rules (or password error conditions) can then be accessed through the property defined previously. code 128 barcode generator
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The default page you ll see when accessing a blank, default Ramaze application includes links to Tip further Ramaze-related resources, including tutorials and screencasts. These are worth a look to supplement the basic ideas covered in this chapter. Other resources are also mentioned in the Further Resources section later in this chapter.
The optimizer is smart enough to realize that no source row will satisfy the filter 1 = 2. Therefore, SQL Server won't bother to physically access the source data; rather, it will create the target table based on the schema of the source. Here's an example that creates a table called MyOrders in tempdb, based on the schema of the Orders table in Northwind: SET NOCOUNT ON; USE tempdb; GO IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.MyOrders') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.MyOrders; GO SELECT * INTO dbo.MyOrders FROM Northwind.dbo.Orders WHERE 1 = 2;
The following list describes some of the parameters you can configure on the General tab:
The keyboard shortcut key. AccessKey can specify a single letter or number that the user can press while holding down Alt. For example, specify Q if you want the user to press Alt+Q to access the control. The background color of the control, which can be set by using standard HTML color identifiers, such as red or blue, or RGB values expressed in hexadecimal format (#ffffff). The border color of the control, which can be set by using standard HTML color identifiers, such as black or red, or RGB values expressed in hexadecimal format (#ffffff). The width of the control s border in pixels. BorderWidth is not fully supported for all controls in browsers earlier than Windows Internet Explorer 4.0. The border style, if there is any. Possible values are NotSet, None, Dotted, Dashed, Solid, Double, Groove, Ridge, Inset, and Outset. The cascading style sheets class to assign to the control. A list of all cascading style sheet properties that are applied to the specified HTML server control. An attribute that disables the control when set to false. This dims the control and makes it inactive. It does not hide the control. The default is true, which enables themes for this control. The default is true, which enables view state persistence for the control. An attribute that contains subproperties that you can declare by using the property-subproperty syntax in the opening tag of the web server control element. For example, you can make a web server control s text italic by including the Font-Italic attribute in its opening tag. The foreground color of the control. ForeColor is not fully supported for all controls in browsers earlier than Internet Explorer 4.0. The control s height. The Height property is not fully supported for all controls in browsers earlier than Internet Explorer 4.0. (continued)
This code fails with the following error: Msg 137, Level 15, State 2, Line 17 Must declare the scalar variable "@MyOD".
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