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Simulate named constants with appropriately scoped variables or classes If your language doesn t support named constants, you can create your own. By using an approach similar to the approach suggested in the earlier Java example in which enumerated types were simulated, you can gain many of the advantages of named constants. Typical scoping rules apply prefer local scope, class scope, and global scope in that order. Use named constants consistently It s dangerous to use a named constant in one place and a literal in another to represent the same entity. Some programming practices beg for errors; this one is like calling an 800 number and having errors delivered to your door. If the value of the named constant needs to be changed, you ll change it and think you ve made all the necessary changes. You ll overlook the hard-coded literals, your program will develop mysterious defects and fixing them will be a lot harder than picking up the phone and yelling for help.
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Finally, before jumping into the chapter, I want to make sure I define two standard terms that I'll be using throughout this book: debugger and debuggee. Simply put, a debugger is a process that can control another process in a debugging relationship, and a debuggee is a process started under a debugger. Some operating systems refer to the debugger as the parent process and the debuggee as the child process. 138
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As before, you need to pull the reference to the request out of the asyncResult, and additionally you can get the response from the request object. Here s how:
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5. Clear the Automatically Restart check box and click OK. From the same dialog box, you can also define the settings for crash dump files. By default, Windows saves a kernel memory dump. This option includes memory allocated to kernel-model drivers and programs, which are most likely to cause Stop errors. Because it does not include unallocated memory or memory allocated to user-mode programs, it will usually be smaller in size than the amount of RAM on your system. The exact size varies, but in general you can expect the file to be approximately one-third the size of installed physical RAM. The crash files are stored in %SystemRoot% using the file name Memory.dmp. If disk space is plentiful, consider setting the system to store a complete memory dump. This option saves the entire contents of physical memory; as a result, it will be equal in size to your installed RAM.
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Figure 2-1 shows the execution plan for this query .
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Kinds of Comments
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The XAMPP package was created to ensure that all server versions in the installer are compatible with each other and properly configured to work together. The X in XAMPP stands for the variety of operating systems for which this superinstaller is available. The other letters of the acronym stand for Apache MySQL PHP Perl. Although Joomla doesn t need Perl for execution, it won t interfere with Joomla functionality. XAMPP installers are available for Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, and Mac OS. You can download the appropriate installer from the official XAMPP site: When you download and install XAMPP, there should be no need to edit any configuration files or struggle with incompatibilities. After installation is complete, you should be able to install Joomla immediately without any further work.
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Note that verb properties belong to the zone, not to the individual Web part. This means that all Web parts in a given zone share the same verb settings. This isn t true of other title attributes, such as the background and colors. A verb is represented by a WebPartVerb object and features a few properties, including Description (the tooltip displayed), Text (the text or alternative text if an image is used), and ImageUrl (the image to render). In addition, you can define click handlers for both the client (ClientClickHandler) and the server (ServerClickHandler). data matrix code
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Common Security Scenarios
You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 3, Implementing jQuery. The questions are also available on the companion CD as a practice test, if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
// Passes NumberStyles.Integer for style // and thread's culture's provider information. public static Int32 Parse(String s); // Passes thread's culture's provider information. public static Int32 Parse(String s, NumberStyles style); // Passes NumberStyles.Integer for the style parameter. public static Int32 Parse(String s, IFormatProvider provider); // This is the method I've been talking about in this section. public static Int32 Parse(String s, NumberStyles style, IFormatProvider provider);
Windows Server 2003 provides a simplified way of adding new components through the Manage Your Server window. This window, which you can access through the Start Menu, allows you to add server roles such as print server, mail server, DNS server, or DHCP server. Adding a server role automatically installs any Windows components required for that role.
Objective 1.4: Troubleshoot DHCP 13-41
Sketching Your Storyboard
Click the Next button to move to the Main Configuration screen (see Figure 2-24). On this screen, enter the name of your Joomla web site. Also note the autogenerated administrator password. If you don t modify the password, write down the autogenerated password. You will need it to log in to the administration portion of the web site. Right now, enter a custom password in the Admin password and Confirm admin password fields. If you want to put an administrator e-mail on the site, enter it now in the Your E-mail field. Realize that this e-mail address will be available through the web site, so be careful you don t set it to your main e-mail account. Spammers run programs to harvest e-mail addresses from web sites, and you don t want your e-mail on any more spam lists than necessary. You re now ready to select where the initial data for the site will originate from. If you have a previous version of Joomla running, you may want to transfer your content from there. For this example, it is assumed this is a new installation. Click the Install sample data button shown in Figure 2-25 to write the default site examples into the database. If the data installs correctly, the button will be replaced by text that reads, Sample data installed successfully. If an error message is generated, you may have made a mistake with the MySQL configuration a few screens back. You can click the Previous button to return to the MySQL settings screen and try again.
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