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From this we can see that changes to tables within the database will be held for up to two days and then automatically cleaned up . We can directly control this via the ALTER DATABASE statement . It is important that changes are kept as long as they are still needed . This will generally mean they need to be kept for a duration that is longer than the maximum time between synchronizations of any client system . The value can be set to a minimum of 1 minute . Should a situation arise where one client won t be able to sync for a longer time than is configured, you can pause the cleanup process by disabling the auto cleanup temporarily . When the auto cleanup is re-enabled, make sure that you also reestablish any required change retention time period as enabling auto cleanup resets change retention to the default value . We enable change tracking at the table level by executing the following command:
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In this section, I review some of the major turning points in Microsoft's Internet and services strategy. Next, we look briefly at the architecture elements of services. This section helps those new to services to understand some of the basic differences between traditional packaged software and what Microsoft is working to deliver with S+S.
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The GetInvocationList method operates on a MulticastDelegate-derived object and returns an array of Delegate references where each reference points to one of the chain s delegate objects . Internally, GetInvocationList constructs an array and initializes it with each element referring to a delegate in the chain; a reference to the array is then returned . If the _invocationList field is null, the returned array contains one element that references the only delegate in the chain: the delegate instance itself . You can easily write an algorithm that explicitly calls each object in the array . The following code demonstrates: qr code reader
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Creating Rooms
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You can also see, below the details of the exception, the contents of the original fault contract, which are obtained by casting the exception to the type FaultException<Salary CalculationFault> and querying the properties. You can see that this contains the original exception message generated within the service. Look at the code in the example file, and run it, to see more details.
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If you are using nested tables in your table design, you can apply various SQL multiset operators against those tables. Multiset operators allow you to compare nested tables, check certain nested table properties, or derive new nested tables from existing ones.
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Compare this to the results returned when passing 0 as the version:
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variables are all of the same type . It also supports the capability to use just an already initialized variable . For more information about this topic, refer to the Using Statements topic in the C# Programmer s Reference .
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Contact Task Task Task
position changes in the display.
Note This program requires your computer to have access to the Internet. Also, if the XML-RPC sample
Storing Session State InProc
For example, let s say that the following delegate type definition exists (which, by the way, it does):
For the ownership parameter, you must specify one of two ownership types:
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You can rename both the new search condition and the new launch condition so that the names indicate the file you are searching for. Figure 8-21 shows an example of both conditions added to the Launch Conditions editor. Notice that the Search For File1 condition is selected and its Properties window is displayed. Notice that the Property property is set to FILEEXISTS1.
Figure 4-11 : The chap04 example page when run after the modifications described in the text This is a very simple application, but I hope it gives you a feel for some of what is possible in the Visual Studio .NET IDE. Although some of the design features have been available in tools such as Visual InterDev 6.0, the implementation in Visual Studio .NET is much better. I virtually never used the designer in Visual InterDev 6.0 because it had a nasty habit of completely reformatting my nicely formatted HTML. Visual Studio .NET is more intelligent about how it formats your text moving from the designer to the editor, and there are configuration options to control most of the reformatting Visual Studio .NET does. The server components, such as the Label control, haven t been available before. The label components are barely the tip of the iceberg as far as server controls go. In subsequent chapters, we ll return to developing ASP.NET Web Forms as well as using server controls even creating your own server controls.
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