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When the NAP client tries to access network resources, the NAP agent on the client gathers SoHs from each of the SHAs. The NAP agent combines these into an SSoH. It then creates a RADIUS Access Request message, which it sends to the NAP EC. The NAP EC sends the Access Request message to the NAP ES, which sends it to the NPS service on the NAP health policy server. The NPS service rejects any RADIUS messages from clients that it is not configured to manage. The NPS service checks to see whether the Access Request message corresponds to its set of connection request policies. The Access Request message should match one that requires the NPS service to authenticate and authorize locally. The NPS service evaluates the health information in the Access Request message, which has an SSoH with one or more SoHs. The NAP Administration Server component on the NAP health policy server forwards each SoH to the corresponding SHV. Each SHV determines whether the SoH it received is compliant. The NAP Administration Server generates a set of SoHRs from the SHVs. The NPS service compares the Access Request message and the SoHRs to the network policies. The SoHRs are compared to the Health Policies within the network policies. The NPS service then applies the network policy that best matches the Access Request message. The best match is either the first match with a specific source (for requests that specify a source tag that specifies the type of RADIUS client) or the first one with an unspecified source. The NPS service generates an SSoHR based on the best matching network policy and the NAP settings within the policy. The SSoHR includes the SoHRs from the SHVs and declares whether the client has limited or unlimited access. If access is limited, the SSoHR also states whether the client should attempt automated remediation. The NPS service sends a RADIUS Access Accept message with the SSoHR to the NAP ES. The NAP ES then forwards the SSoHR to the client. In some cases the NPS service will send the SSoHR directly to the client, and access limitation instructions to the NAP ES. If the client has limited access, this message can also include a list of addresses for the remediation servers. The NAP ES sends the SSoHR to the NAP client. This process is illustrated in Figure 5-12. The solid lines show the request for access as it originates in the client, is transmitted to the Enforcement Server, and then moves up through the server-side components. The dotted lines show the response as it is created at the Administration Server and communicate back through the Enforcement Server to the client. Note
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A PPTP-based VPN server typically has two physical interfaces: one interface on the shared or public network like the Internet, and another on the private intranet. It also has a virtual interface connecting to all VPN clients the virtual interface is cre ated and maintained by the VPN server itself, so you don t need to worry about set ting this up. For the VPN server to forward traffic between VPN clients, IP forwarding must be enabled on all interfaces. However, enabling forwarding between the two physical interfaces causes the VPN server to route all IP traffic from the shared or public network to the intranet. To protect the intranet from all traffic not sent by a VPN client, PPTP packet filtering must be configured so that the VPN server only performs routing between VPN clients and the intranet and not between potentially malicious users on the shared or public network and the intra-
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Import("System.Windows.Application") Import("System.Windows.Controls.UserControl") function handleClick(sender, eventArgs) { sender.Text = sender.Text + " from Dynamic JavaScript"; } function App() { this.scene = Application.Current.LoadRootVisual(new UserControl(), "app.xaml") } App.prototype.start = function() { this.scene.txtMessage.MouseLeftButtonUp += handleClick }
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When forcing a replication, you can use this dialog box to replicate only to neighbor ing servers, to replicate out to all servers on the local site, or to replicate to all servers across sites.
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If the CD menu or the license agreement does not appear, AutoRun might be disabled on your computer. Refer to the Readme.txt file on the CD for alternate installation instructions.
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stop AD DS to perform tasks such as offline defragmentation of the Active Directory database. The real benefit is that other services that are running on the server and do not depend on AD DS to function, such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), remain available for client requests while you are doing a security update or an offline defragmentation! Note
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This code simply issues an UPDATE against T1 every second . Now run the code in connection 1, and immediately start the code in connection 4 as well . The code in connection 1 keeps reading from T1, waiting five seconds, and then writing to T1 . Because connection 4 changes T1 every second, connection 1 will encounter plenty of update conflicts . Feel free to stop the execution in connection 4 from time to time to see that connection 1 at some point will finish successfully . If you just allow connection 4 to keep running, after three retries connection 1 will produce the following output:
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Event-based PM
Part I:
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