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In this exercise, you create a new zone on Computer2. 1. From Computer2, log on to Domain1 as Administrator. 2. Open the DNS console. 3. In the DNS console tree, right-click the Forward Lookup Zones node, and select New Zone. The New Zone Wizard launches. 4. Click Next. The Zone Type page appears. 5. Click Next to accept the default selection, Primary Zone. The Zone Name page appears. 6. In the Name text box, type sub.domain1.local and click Next. The Zone File page appears. 7. Click Next to accept the default selection, Create A New File With This File Name. The Dynamic Update page appears. 8. Select Allow Both Nonsecure And Secure Dynamic Updates, and click Next. The Completing The New Zone Wizard page appears. 9. Click Finish.
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Part IV
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Enable in-process debugging to be used with the Profiling API. Enable JIT-map tracking. Notify on each object allocated from the garbage collected heap. Force rejitting of install-time (NGEN) code generation so that JIT notifications are enabled for those functions. Call function entry and exit hooks. Notify on each non-CLR exception (i.e., all general exceptions). Notify when functions are being unloaded. Notify when a garbage collection is about to occur. Notify on each function just before and after it's JIT-compiled. Notify on each module load and unload. Send no notifications. Notify on each object being allocated on the garbage collected heap. Notify on each remoting context crossing. Notify on each remoting asynchronous event. Generate cookies so that the profiler can pair remoting callbacks. Notify when the CLR is suspended.
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All of these locks internally call Thread s BeginCriticalRegion and EndCriticalRegion methods to indicate when they enter and leave critical regions . Your code can call these methods too if you need to . Normally, this would be necessary only if you are interoperating with unmanaged code .
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Using a File Dependency and Extended Time Expiration The example starts by creating a NeverExpired expiration instance, followed by writing a text file to the current execution folder. It then creates a FileDependency on that file. This is a typical scenario where you read data from a file, such as a text file or an XML document, which you will access frequently in your code. However, if the original file is changed or deleted, you want the equivalent cached item to be removed from the cache.
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Windows Media Player works with all sorts of media, but it s especially well suited for the task of managing digital music files. Using only Windows Media Player and no other software, you can download songs from the internet, copy tracks from CDs, edit song titles and other information stored within files, rate your favorite tunes, create custom playlists, copy music to portable devices, and burn custom CDs. In 15, we explained how to use the core functions of Windows Media Player with media clips in all formats. In this chapter, our emphasis is on the unique tools and techniques that help you acquire, play, and organize digital music files.
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Recommended Startup Settings for Serices
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Note When you want to load XML data from a le, you use either SINGLE_CLOB or SINGLE_
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11 . . Finally, edit the Page_Load method as shown in the following snippet to collect the information from each of the controls in the Wizard . The controls are actually available as member variables on the page . This information is loaded every time the page is loaded . However, it is hidden from view until the user selects the step . Double-click the Wizard control to add a handler for the Finish button that you can use to harvest the information gathered by the wizard .
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Detecting Ruby s Runtime Environment
A network is a group of computers connected in some fashion. If you have several computers at home all sharing a wired or wireless router, this is called your local area network (LAN). Your computers are probably also connected to the Internet, another form of network. Networking is the overall concept of communications between two or more computers or devices, and this chapter looks at how you can use Ruby to perform operations relating to a network, whether a local or global one.
TABLE 11-3 Parameters for HTML Web Resources
Using the CommandBehaviorBase<T> class, you can define custom behavior classes of your own. This allows you to customize how the behavior interacts with the target control or the command provided by the view model. For example, you could define a behavior that invokes the bound command based on a different control event or that changes the visual state of the control based on the CanExecute status of the bound command. To support the declarative attachment of the command behavior to the target control, an attached property is used. The attached property allows the behavior to be attached to the control in XAML and manages the construction and association of the behavior implementation with the target control. The attached property is defined within a static class. Prism command behaviors are based on the convention that the name of the static class refers to the event that is used to invoke the command. The name of the attached property refers to the type of the object being data bound. Therefore, the Prism command behaviors described earlier use a static class named Click, which defines an attached property named Command. This allows the use of the Click.Command syntax shown earlier.
struct SomeValType { Int32 x, y; // C# allows value types to have constructors that take parameters. public SomeValType(Int32 x) { this.x = x; // Notice that y is not initialized here. } }
:responses references another hash: one that has elements with the names :default, :greeting, :farewell, 'hello', and 'i like *'. This hash contains all the different phrases the bot will use as responses, or templates used to create full phrases. The array assigned to :default contains some phrases to use at random when the bot cannot figure out what to say
Third-party access providers can configure their connections to automatically establish remote access connections when users log on.
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