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Simple Conditions
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Figure 11-34
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Advanced Host Control
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Fixing Network Problems
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1. Navigate to the Settings area, click Customizations, and then click Customize the System. The default solution opens. Expand the entity that you want to customize, and then click Fields. 2. Double-click the field that you want to modify. The field editor appears. 3. Update a value, and then click Save. 4. An Updating Field message appears. When the message disappears, your change is complete. As we explained earlier, Your users will not see the changes you make until you publish your customizations. Although Figure 6-2 might not clearly show it, Microsoft Dynamics CRM disables or makes unavailable some of the attribute property fields. As you probably expect, the unavailable property fields indicate that you cannot edit the field properties. You can never edit the schema name or data type for an existing field. You are also not able to enable field security on customizable fields. Finally, in some cases, Microsoft Dynamics CRM prevents you from editing field properties on the customizable entities. Of course, these few restrictions help ensure that the software always works correctly and that your system will upgrade smoothly to future releases of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When you re modifying a field, take extra care when deleting the option set values of existing fields because you might permanently lose access to the data in the user interface. Consider a set of 75 records that use a custom option set. The option set contains three options: A,
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make a backup copy of them on your local computer in case you have problems with the Internet connection. If you will use the PowerPoint presenter tools in Slide Show view or on a Tablet PC, review the instructions in Appendix B on the companion CD to prepare the presentation. If you re not able to set up the equipment and rehearse in the room in advance of the presentation, at a minimum you should set up the equipment before the presentation with enough time available to resolve any technology issues that might arise. You might also want to rehearse in a similar room beforehand.
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Client-activated types are defined as in the following example:
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To enable you to create a boxplot from the line chart, you must not establish a logical row sequence; that is, according to a number sequence . Instead, you must do it in such a way as shown in the worksheet or illustration; that is, from top to bottom quartile 1, quartile 0 (minimum), quartile 2 (median), quartile 4 (maximum), and quartile 3 . Once you have made these specifications, you are just a few steps away from creating the chart: 1. Select the range P10:S15 and create a Line with Markers chart . 2. Open the Select Data Source dialog box and click the Switch Row/Column button . Your line chart now has five data series, each with three data points . The legend contains the descriptions from column P . 3. Select the command Chart Tools/Layout/Analysis and insert a high-low line and an up/down bar . 4. Format one data series after another, removing the line view and assigning shapes and colors of your choice to the remaining data points . 5. Format the high-low lines (the whiskers) and the up/down bars (the box) . Note With steps 4 and 5, as long as the data series and their markers are fully or partially behind the up/down bars and are formatted with visible lines, these markers are covered by the color fills of the up/down bars (unless you make these color fills transparent) . However, as soon as you remove the line formatting (Line Color/No line), the markers appear in the foreground . Because Excel 2007 permits partially transparent colors, various different interesting design effects are now possible .
The process for adding POP3 accounts is simple, but tedious if you have more than a few to add. There s no way we know of to add them with a script. To add a POP3 e-mail account, follow these steps:
The Condition Variable Pattern
Note that I used a new function called ROW_NUMBER here to create sequential integers that will be used as unique keys. In SQL Server 2000, you can achieve this by using the IDENTITY function in the SELECT INTO statement. I'll discuss this function in detail later in this chapter. Basically, the code in Listing 4-2 creates a table of customers with a lot of duplicate occurrences of each customer. The following code demonstrates how you can remove duplicate customers using a CTE. WITH JustDups AS ( SELECT * FROM dbo.CustomersDups AS C1 WHERE KeyCol < (SELECT MAX(KeyCol) FROM dbo.CustomersDups AS C2 WHERE C2.CustomerID = C1.CustomerID) ) DELETE FROM JustDups;
a time. Visual Basic supports case for ordinal types and has powerful shorthand notations for expressing ranges and combinations of values. Many scripting languages don t support case statements at all. The following sections present guidelines for using case statements effectively.
The MasterPage Class
Figure 4-6 : The Web application directory created by Visual Studio .NET when a new ASP.NET application is created The right pane lists all the files created by Visual Studio .NET. The most significant files for you as the developer are the Web Form file (cleverly named WebForm1.aspx) and the code-behind file (named WebForm1.aspx.vb). If this were a C# project, the codebehind file would be named WebForm1.aspx.cs. You can use the Web.config file to customize the application settings, as I ll discuss shortly. Visual Studio .NET also creates a bin folder, in which all the compiled code for the application is stored. Looking at the properties of the application directory (right-click on the chap04 application package icon and select Properties), you see nothing that unusual. From the Properties page, you can click the Configuration button to display the Application Configuration dialog box shown in Figure 4-7.
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