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If you want to create a website on a remote computer running IIS 6.0 that does not have Front Page Server Extensions installed, which website type will you create
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Even with network discovery turned off (on your computer or the target computer), you can access undiscovered network resources . Although they re not visible in the Network folder, if you type the name of computer preceded by two backslashes in the Windows Explorer Address bar and press Enter, you ll see that computer s shared resources . (For example, to view the resources on a computer named Sequoia, type \\sequoia .) If you \\sequoia . type another backslash at the end of the computer name, a list of shared resources appears in the Address bar; you can use this trick to drill down through a folder hierarchy .
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FigURE 12-31 The custom page template being displayed in the browser.
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A Modal Pop-up Dialog-Style Component
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In this exercise, you troubleshoot an error in NAT. Before you begin, verify that you have not configured any additional demand-dial interfaces on Computer1 besides Remote Router. 1. From Computer2, log on to Domain1 as Administrator. 2. Open Internet Explorer and connect to any external Web site such as http:// If the demand-dial interface named Remote Router on Computer1 is not already connected, Internet Explorer might time out before the Web page appears. If you
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With the Sharing wizard at the ready, follow these steps to share a folder or files: 1. In Windows Explorer, select the folders or files you want to share. (You can select multiple objects.) 2. In the command bar, click Share. (Alternatively, right-click and choose Share.)
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on a system or an exported function. For example, if you have symbols loaded for KERNEL32.DLL and you want to jump to LoadLibrary in the Disassembly window, you'll need to enter {,,kernel32}_LoadLibraryA@4 in the Address combo box to jump to the correct place. One cool capability that the Disassembly window supports is drag and drop. If you're working through a section of assembly language and you need to quickly check where in memory an operation is going, you can select the address and drag it to the Address combo box. When you release the mouse button, the Disassembly window automatically jumps to that address. As you're frolicking around the Disassembly window with abandon, don't be surprised if you realize that you've forgotten where you started it's easy to get lost in the Disassembly window. To get back to where the instruction pointer is sitting, just right-click in the Disassembly window and select Show Next Statement. The Show Next Statement command is also available in source code windows. A great improvement over previous versions of Visual Studio is that the combo box will also keep track of all the places you've jumped to so that you can work your way back through a heavy round of jumping. Viewing Parameters on the Stack In the "Advanced Breakpoint Syntax" section earlier in this chapter, you saw how to set breakpoints on system and exported functions. One of the main reasons for setting breakpoints on these functions is so that you can view the parameters that go into a given function. To demonstrate how to look up items on the stack, I want to use a real-world example instead of a contrived, simple example. When you download a program from the Internet, you want to make sure it's not starting up other programs behind the scenes. To double-check what it might be spawning off, you need to watch any calls to CreateProcess. I'll be using CMD.EXE for this example. Substitute the name of the program you want to monitor. First, I used the DUMPBIN.EXE program that comes with Visual Studio .NET with the /IMPORTS command line option to determine what exactly CMD.EXE is calling. The output shows each DLL implicitly imported and what functions are called. Looking at the imported functions, you'll see that CMD.EXE imports CreateProcessW from KERNEL32.DLL. Then, from the Visual Studio .NET environment, I opened CMD.EXE as a new solution by selecting Open Solution from the File menu. (CMD.EXE is located in the %SYSTEMROOT%\System32 directory). Because I have symbols loaded, just as you will after reading this book, I needed to set a breakpoint on {,,kernel32}_CreateProcessW@40. After starting CMD.EXE, I typed in SOL.EXE on the command line and pressed Enter. On Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, the breakpoint on _CreateProcessW@40 stops at 0x77E96F60 when the instruction about to be executed is PUSH EBP to set up the standard stack frame. Because the breakpoint is on the first instruction of CreateProcess, the top of the stack contains the parameters and the return address. I opened one of the Memory windows by selecting the Debug menu\Windows popup\Memory popup and then selecting one of the four Memory windows. After opening the Memory window, I right-clicked and selected 4-byte Integer from the context menu, and resized the window so that I had a vertical line of stack addresses and a single value next to each. Finally, I entered ESP, which is the stack pointer register, in the Address field to see what was on the stack.
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Discovering a Type s Members
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33. Personal Character
A. Correct: A single RadioButtonList control can allow users to select one of multiple choices
public static ParallelQuery<TSource> WithCancellation<TSource>( this ParallelQuery<TSource> source, CancellationTokencancellationToken) public static ParallelQuery<TSource> WithDegreeOfParallelism<TSource>( this ParallelQuery<TSource> source, Int32degreeOfParallelism) public static ParallelQuery<TSource> WithExecutionMode<TSource>( this ParallelQuery<TSource> source, ParallelExecutionModeexecutionMode) public static ParallelQuery<TSource> WithMergeOptions<TSource>( this ParallelQuery<TSource> source, ParallelMergeOptionsmergeOptions)
Before CIDR Routing Table for Router B
Pairs that are hard to distinguish include (1 and l), (1 and I), (. and ,), (0 and O), (2 and Z), (; and :), (S and 5), and (G and 6).
have completed your work you can no longer directly select specific elements with the mouse or keyboard to format them (in this case, for example, this applies to the data series Max) . Select the Current Selection group in the Layout or Format tab of the Chart Tools menu item, and click the respective entry in the Chart Elements list . Open the formatting dialog box using the Format Selection command (same source) or the Ctrl+1 shortcut .
Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes a powerful and highly configurable security model that you can use to configure and restrict information access according to your business needs. The on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses Active Directory to manage user accounts and passwords. On-premise users accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM by the local intranet authenticate with Integrated Windows authentication, whereas users accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM by an Internet-facing deployment use claims-based authentication. All users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online use Windows Live ID as their user authentication method. By combining role-based and object-based security settings with your organization s business unit structure, in Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can accommodate very complex security and information access needs. Field level security allows administrators to secure specific data fields, providing even more control over access to sensitive information. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also supports project-based and collaborative work by enabling users to share records with teams and individual users.
You can use other ASP.NET directives in a master page for example, @Import. However, the scope of these directives is limited to the master file and does not extend to child pages generated from the master. For example, if you import the System.Data namespace into a master page, you can call the DataSet class within the master. But to call the DataSet class from within a content page, you must also import the namespace into the content page.
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