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Lesson 1: Understanding the ASP.NET Life Cycle and Handling Events
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Splitting Strings
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Early in my career, I was testing one of our applications and ran into an area of the product that was nearly impossible to use without a mouse. A carefully planned series of tabs and arrow keys were the only way I could discover to get to several of the controls. I knew this issue was important, so I filed a bug and went home for the night. I was surprised the next morning when I found out that the project lead in charge of the feature had resolved the bug. I explained the need for accessible features, but he assured me that it was "accessible enough" and that there were bigger issues that needed attention. I shyly nodded my head and asked him to try using the feature without a mouse at least once before closing the issue. He mumbled something and went back to his office. A few days went by and other testers began to report similar issues, but the lead still had not tried using the feature without a mouse. I decided it was time to try a different tactic, so before I went home that night, I bravely walked into the lead's office, unplugged his mouse, and left a note stating I would give the mouse back once we had agreed on the accessibility goals for the project. I came in early the next morning, just in case the lead didn't share my sense of humor. A few of us peeked into his office and were happy to see him smile when he saw the note. We went back to work and waited. Less than an hour later, I met with the lead to rediscuss accessibility and walk through the application without a mouse. Because of the discussion, we ended up fixing most of the keyboard accessibility issues and produced a better quality product.
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Manipulating Dates
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The AkoComment package also has modules to display the last comments and the most favored comments. You can place them on the Frontpage or another page.
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To create a new user class, select Define User Classes. To create a new vendor class, select Define Vendor Classes.
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C# this.questionnaireRepository.GetQuestionnaireAsync( (result) => { this.Questionnaire = result.Result; });
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General Tab
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Formatting Text The XmlTextWriter class allows you to specify a few properties to configure the way in which newline characters, quotation marks, and indentation are defined. Normally, XML documents use tab characters or blanks to indent child nodes, although an XML document rendered as an endless string is by all means a perfectly valid XML document. As mentioned, the properties involved with XML formatting are Formatting, IndentChar, Indentation, and QuoteChar. The first three are somewhat correlated, whereas the latter simply indicates the character to be used to enclose attributes by default, the double quotation mark. Formatting lets you control the formatting style by toggling it on and off altogether. When Formatting is set to Formatting.Indented (the other possible value is Formatting.None), the XML writer attributes a special role to IndentChar and Indentation that would otherwise be ignored. Indentation specifies the number of characters to indent for each level in the document's hierarchy. Conversely, IndentChar 128
Don t be concerned that the maximum c1 value might keep changing as the operation proceeds; it does not because the operation occurs all at once.
When I compile and run a release build (with optimizations turned on) of this program on my computer, I get the following output:
Part II Designing Types
In Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, rules for the Windows Firewall and IPsec are configured separately. Because both can block or allow inbound traffic, you could accidentally create redundant or even contradictory rules. These types of configuration errors can be difficult to troubleshoot. The new Windows Firewall combines the configuration of both the firewall and IPsec into the same graphical and command-line tools, which both simplifies management and reduces the risk of misconfiguration.
Internet Explorer 7 also supports a new form of certificate called the High Assurance certificate. When you visit a site secured by one of these certificates, the Address bar turns green, signifying that the site is certified to be legitimate. At the time we wrote this edition in late 2006, no mainstream websites had switched to this form of certificate.
Figure 4-1 shows the organization of the default Joomla web page. The highest level contains sections (such as About Joomla). Under each section are a number of categories. Categories separate the content into topic areas such as FAQs, News, and so on. All sections and categories are modifiable and new types of each can be freely added by the administrator.
domain. Area of control. Domains are often hierarchically structured. domain controller. A centralized issuer of security tokens for an enterprise directory. enterprise directory. A centralized database of user accounts for a domain. For example, the Microsoft Active Directory Domain Service allows organizations to maintain an enterprise directory. enterprise identity backbone. The chosen mechanism for providing identity and access control within an organization; for example, by running ADFS. federated identity. A mechanism for authenticating a system s users based on trust relationships that distribute the responsibility for authentication to a claims provider that is outside of the current security realm. federatedAuthentication attribute. An XML attribute used in a Web.con g le to indicate that the application being con gured is a claims-based application. federation provider. A federation provider is a type of identity provider that provides single sign-on functionality between an organization and other identity providers (issuers) and relying parties (applications). federation provider security token service (FP-STS). A software component or service that is used by a federation provider to accept tokens from a federation partner and then generate claims and security tokens on the contents of the incoming security token into a format consumable by the relying party (application). A security token service that receives security tokens from a trusted federation partner or IP-STS. In turn, the RP-STS issues new security tokens to be consumed by a local relying party application. FedUtil. The FedUtil.exe utility provided by the Windows Identity Foundation for the purpose of establishing federation. forest. A collection of domains governed by a central authority. Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) can be used to combine two Active Directory forests in a single domain of trust. forward chaining logic. An algorithm used by access control systems that determines permissions based on the application of transitive rules such as group membership or roles. For example, using forward chaining logic an access control system can deduce that user X has permission Z whenever user X has role Y and role Y implies permission Z.
Figure 10-7 : A simple test form showing the XML Web service being accessed from a Web Forms page The TestWebService.aspx file that created the page in Figure 10-7 is shown in Listing 10-3. To make the drop-down list post back to the server, the AutoPostBack attribute is set to True. I ve added <asp:ListItem> tags for the language selections, but I could just as easily have used the Add method of the DropDownList1 object in the code-behind file. Listing 10-3 TestWebService.aspx, a Web Forms page used to test the Simple XML Web service
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