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domain controller In an Active Directory forest, a server that contains a writable copy of the Active Directory database, participates in Active Directory replication, and controls access to network resources. Administrators can manage user accounts, network access, shared resources, site topology, and other directory objects from any domain controller in the forest. domain controller locator (Locator) An algorithm running in the context of the Netlogon service that enables a client to locate a domain controller. Locator can find domain controllers by using DNS or Network Basic Input Output System (NetBIOS) names. The DNS service (SRV) resource records registered by Locator on behalf of domain controllers are also known as domain controller locator (Loca tor) resource records. domain functionality The functional level of an Active Directory domain that has one or more domain controllers running Windows Server 2003. The functional level of a domain can be raised to enable Active Directory features new to Windows Server 2003 that will apply only to that domain. Four domain functional levels exist: Windows 2000 mixed, Windows 2000 native, Windows Server 2003 interim, and Windows Server 2003. The default domain functional level is Windows 2000 mixed. When the domain functional level is raised to Windows 2000 native, Windows Server 2003 interim, or Windows Server 2003, advanced domainwide Active Directory features are available. domain hierarchy The parent/child tree structure of domains.
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The Unsafe2DimArrayAccess method is marked with the unsafe modifier, which is required to use C# s fixed statement . To compile this code, you ll have to specify the /unsafe switch when invoking the C# compiler or check the Allow Unsafe Code check box on the Build tab of the Project Properties pane in Microsoft Visual Studio . When I run this program on my machine, I get the following output:
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public Exception(String message = null, Exception innerException = null) : this(null, message, innerException) { } public Exception(TExceptionArgs args, String message = null, Exception innerException = null): base(message, innerException) { m_args = args; } // The constructor is for deserialization; since the class is sealed, the constructor is // private. If this class were not sealed, this constructor should be protected [SecurityPermission(SecurityAction.LinkDemand, Flags=SecurityPermissionFlag.SerializationFormatter)] private Exception(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) : base(info, context) { m_args = (TExceptionArgs)info.GetValue(c_args, typeof(TExceptionArgs)); } // The method for serialization; it s public because of the ISerializable interface [SecurityPermission(SecurityAction.LinkDemand, Flags=SecurityPermissionFlag.SerializationFormatter)] public override void GetObjectData(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) { info.AddValue(c_args, m_args); base.GetObjectData(info, context); } public override String Message { get { String baseMsg = base.Message; return (m_args == null) baseMsg : baseMsg + " (" + m_args.Message + ")"; } } public override Boolean Equals(Object obj) { Exception<TExceptionArgs> other = obj as Exception<TExceptionArgs>; if (obj == null) return false; return Object.Equals(m_args, other.m_args) && base.Equals(obj); } public override int GetHashCode() { return base.GetHashCode(); } }
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Positional parameters
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Normally, servers used for SBS 2008 are equipped with only a single net-
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When you use a rule set to validate an instance of a specific type or object, the block can apply the rules to: The type itself The values of public readable properties The values of public fields The return values of public methods that take no parameters Notice that you can validate the values of method parameters and the return type of methods that take parameters when that method is invoked, only by using the validation call handler (which is part of the Validation block) in conjunction with the Unity dependency injection and interception mechanism. The validation call handler will validate the parameter values based on the rules for each parameter type and any
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/*///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///// The entry type for SWS files. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///*/ typedef struct tag_SWSENTRY { // The function address. DWORD64 dwFnAddr ; // The function size. DWORD DWORD dwSize ; dwExecCount ; // The execution count. } SWSENTRY , * LPSWSENTRY ; #endif // _FILEFORMAT_H
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Furthermore, if you think that instances of your type will be compared for the purposes of sorting, you ll want your type to also implement System.IComparable s CompareTo method and System.IComparable<T> s type-safe CompareTo method . If you implement these methods, you ll also want to overload the various comparison operator methods (<, <=, >, >=) and implement these methods internally to call the type-safe CompareTo method . pdf417
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Log on to the new SBS 2008 server with an account that has administrative privileges. Open the Windows SBS Console if it doesn t open automatically. Click Migrate To Windows SBS to open the Migrate To Windows Small Business Server 2008 Wizard. The rst time you run the wizard, you ll see a Welcome page. Click Next to open the Migration Wizard Home page, shown in Figure 7-40.
As the FileAttributes type shows, it s common to use enumerated types to express the set of bit flags that can be combined . However, although enumerated types and bit flags are similar, they don t have exactly the same semantics . For example, enumerated types represent single numeric values, and bit flags represent a set of bits, some of which are on, and some of which are off . When defining an enumerated type that is to be used to identify bit flags, you should, of course, explicitly assign a numeric value to each symbol . Usually, each symbol will have an individual bit turned on . It is also common to see a symbol called None defined with a value of 0, and you can also define symbols that represent commonly used combinations (see the ReadWrite symbol below) . It s also highly recommended that you apply the System.FlagsAttribute custom attribute type to the enumerated type, as shown here:
SCSI Controller(s) Set the drives connected to the synthetic SCSI controller. Each SCSI controller is assigned to SCSI ID7 and can support up to six virtual SCSI drives. SCSI drives cannot be used as boot drives and are not available until integration components are installed. Even if your physical drives are SCSI or SAS, do not choose SCSI here for your boot disk. That must always be IDE. Network Adapters Set the network, Mac type, and VLAN connections of the synthetic network adapters. Each VM is limited to a maximum of eight network adapters. SBS 2008 only supports a single network. Page 290 Wednesday, June 9, 2004 12:01 PM
<Project xmlns=""> <ItemGroup> <Compile Include="*.cs" /> </ItemGroup> <Target Name="PrintCompileInfo"> <Message Text="Compile fullpath: @(Compile->'%(Fullpath)')" /> </Target> </Project>
18. On the Icons page, click Next.
The Prism Library defines a standard registry, RegionManager, and a standard interface, IRegion, for accessing these locations. To use view injection to add a view to a region, get the region from the region manager, and then call the Add method, as shown in the following code. With view injection, the view is displayed only after the view is added to a region, which can happen when the module is loaded or when a user action completes a predefined action.
Configuring and Managing Remote Access
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