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Show Developer tab in the Ribbon Enable this option . The display of the Developer tools tab in the Ribbon, which you achieve using this setting, is essential for your work with this book . This is of particular importance with regard to using control elements, which you could not access without the Developer tools tab . ScreenTip Style Select Show feature descriptions in ScreenTips to display information that describes these buttons when you point to a command button . You ll certainly find this very useful when acquainting yourself with the considerably changed program . When creating new workbooks Here, you determine the default values relating to font, font size, worksheet views, and number of new sheets that you want to use when you open new workbooks . Note The new Calibri font available in Office 2007 is very suitable for many display purposes barcode generator open source
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Listing 9-35. Creation script for the fn_BOMTC UDF
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An activation stored procedure is started by the Service Broker logic in the SQL Server process on a background thread that isn t associated with an interactive database user . This is a common source of confusion because developers will frequently develop and test a Service Broker stored procedure by running it from SQL Server Management Studio and then discover that the procedure doesn t run the same way when it is executed in the background as an activation stored procedure . The usual problem here is that the activation stored procedure executes in a different security context . The EXECUTE AS parameter of the ACTIVATION parameter defines who owns the security context for the activation stored procedure . If EXECUTE AS is set to SELF, the stored procedure will execute as if it was executed by the user running the CREATE or ALTER QUEUE statement . I use this option for sample code because a user always has enough permission to set EXECUTE AS to himself so the sample will run without problems . If the EXECUTE AS parameter is set to OWNER, the stored procedure executes as if it was run by the user who owns the queue . This is generally safe because the owner of the queue has permission to RECEIVE messages from the queue . To provide the greatest control over the security context that the stored procedure uses, you can specify a particular user in the EXECUTE AS parameter . The user executing the CREATE or ALTER QUEUE statement must have permission to impersonate the user specified in the EXECUTE AS parameter . I recommend specifying a specific user because it s much easier for administrators to understand exactly which permissions the stored procedure has . Two issues often trip people up when they use activation stored procedures . First, they test the stored procedure using their own security credentials by running the procedure from Management Studio and then setting up the activation stored procedure to execute as a different user so it behaves differently because the security context is different . Second, an activation stored procedure has the SQL Server permissions of the user specified in the EXECUTE AS clause but doesn t have the Windows permissions of that user because SQL Server can t impersonate the Windows user . This also results in different behavior when the procedure is run from Management Studio by a user with a particular set of Windows permissions and when the procedure is run in the background where those Windows permissions aren t used . If you need the process that receives and processes Service Broker permissions to perform Windows actions, it is generally easier and more secure to process the messages from a Windows service instead of from a stored procedure .
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Co-owner Users assigned the Co-owner permission have the same privileges you do as owner: they can view, change, add, and delete files in a shared folder. Selecting Co-owner sets NTFS permissions to Full Control for this user.
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There isn t much to say about querying tables with semitemporal support . Queries on these tables are similar to queries you would perform on tables without temporal support at all; just include a join to the DateNums lookup table to get the context of the time points . For example, the following query lists all suppliers from the SuppliersSince table including the effective contract date (the date represented by the since value) for each supplier:
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In the code above, I am creating the Task object and then immediately call Start to schedule the task to run . Naturally, you can create the Task object and then call Start on it later . You could imagine code that creates a Task object and then passes it to some other method that decides when to call Start to schedule the task .
To help you successfully master the exam objectives presented in this chapter, complete the following tasks.
Figure 3-18 Typing pu into the Search box is sufficient to bring Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 to the top of the Start menu.
Exam Tip
All BeginXxx methods return a reference to an object that implements the IAsyncResult interface:
New Approaches Getting Started
setup modifications.
CONFIG += mobility MOBILITY += location bearer
Figure 3-56 shows a graph based on the data in Table 3-17 .
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