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WMA These tags are the native format used for Windows Media Audio files . The metadata is stored at the beginning of the file, and the format is functionally equivalent to ID3v2 tags .
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13. Unusual Data Types
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Like the RadioButton control, a DropDownList requires the user to select one of multiple choices. Whereas the RadioButton control displays all the options on the screen at all times, the user needs to click the DropDownList to view different options. Hiding non-default options makes the DropDownList better suited for longer lists of options, such as a user s country. When you use the Visual Studio designer to add a DropDownList control, it prompts you to manually add the items to the list. Choose the default option by setting the item s Selected property to true. If you do not select an option, most browsers will automatically select the first item. You can populate the list of choices in a DropDownList by calling the DropDownList.Items.Add method and passing it either a string or an instance of ListItem. The following code sample demonstrates using a for loop to add a list of years to a DropDownList, and then selecting the 85th item in the list if the form is not in postback.
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The input parameter is passed by reference, meaning that SQL Server gets a pointer to the parameter, rather than internally generating a copy . This makes the use of table-valued parameters very efficient . SQL Server can also efficiently reuse a previously cached plan of our stored procedure for subsequent invocations of the procedure . Internally, SQL Server treats table-valued parameters very much like table variables . This means that SQL Server does not maintain distribution statistics (histograms) on them . The downside of not having distribution statistics on table variables is that the optimizer can t come up with accurate selectivity estimates for filters . The upside is that you get fewer recompiles, because no refreshes of statistics would trigger plan optimality related recompiles . Note that unlike with scalar input parameters, SQL Server won t generate an error if you omit an input table-valued parameter when executing the procedure . In such a case, SQL Server simply uses an empty table by default . This means that if you omit such a parameter by mistake, you will have a logical bug in the code that might go unnoticed . For example, run the following code:
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Do you really want to back up workstations Many organizations are struggling with that question these days. Users, obviously, are storing data on their workstations, but is that what you really want Ideally, very little data that does not exist elsewhere in the network should be on workstations. Using techniques such as roaming profiles and folder redirection, the default storage locations for users can be moved to the network. With the Offline Files feature, these files are automatically backed up to the network, and also available offline for roaming users. By using a combination of these strategies you can ensure that the only data available only on workstations is that data which users create while roaming, and that data which they choose to store locally in possible violation of standard operating procedures. Combine that with a solid imaging strategy using (for example), the Windows Deployment Services, and you might achieve a state where you do not need to back up data on workstations. You might not even need to troubleshoot them. If anything ever goes wrong with a workstation, you could troubleshoot it by using same approach you use for servers, following this simple process: 1. 2. 3. 4. Restart the service, if applicable. If that does not solve the problem, restart the computer. If that does not solve the problem, reimage the computer. If that does not solve the problem, send the computer back to the manufacturer and deploy new hardware.
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You get the virtual table VT5 shown in Table 1-9.
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How to consider this attribute Test results Code coverage Spec signoff status Bug rates and trends Performance scenario results
.net data matrix reader
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INSERT INTO dbo.Orders(orderid, custid, empid, shipperid, orderdate) SELECT n AS orderid, 'C' + RIGHT('000000000' + CAST( 1 + ABS(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) % @numcusts AS VARCHAR(10)), 10) AS custid, 1 + ABS(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) % @numemps AS empid, CHAR(ASCII('A') - 2 + 2 * (1 + ABS(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) % @numshippers)) AS shipperid, DATEADD(day, n / (@numorders / (@numyears * 365.25)), @startdate) -- late arrival with earlier date - CASE WHEN n % 10 = 0 THEN 1 + ABS(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) % 30 ELSE 0 END AS orderdate FROM dbo.Nums WHERE n <= @numorders ORDER BY CHECKSUM(NEWID()); CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX idx_cl_od ON dbo.Orders(orderdate); CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX idx_nc_sid_od_i_cid ON dbo.Orders(shipperid, orderdate) INCLUDE(custid); CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx_unc_od_oid_i_cid_eid ON dbo.Orders(orderdate, orderid) INCLUDE(custid, empid); ALTER TABLE dbo.Orders ADD CONSTRAINT PK_Orders PRIMARY KEY NONCLUSTERED(orderid), CONSTRAINT FK_Orders_Customers REFERENCES dbo.Customers(custid), FOREIGN KEY(custid) CONSTRAINT FK_Orders_Employees FOREIGN KEY(empid) REFERENCES dbo.Employees(empid), CONSTRAINT FK_Orders_Shippers FOREIGN KEY(shipperid) REFERENCES dbo.Shippers(shipperid); GO
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c. What is the maximum number of addresses contained within a pool assigned a subnet mask of
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Transferring Files and Settings from Another Computer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Configuring System Recoery Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Finishing Your Windows Vista Installation . . . . . . . . . . . 61
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Let s say that you want to build a simple, scrappy web application that only gives out data if someone uses the right password. You could write it like this: require 'rubygems' require 'sinatra' get '/' do erb :index, :layout => :anotherlayout end post '/secretdata' do erb :secretdata end __END__ @@ layout <html><head><title>My App</title></head> <body><%= yield %></body></html> @@ index <form method="POST" action="/secretdata"> Password: <input type="text" name="password" /> <input type="submit" value="Log in" /> </form> @@ secretdata Here's our secret data: <code>30'N 12'W</code> Your app is a regular Sinatra app with all of the templates within the source file. The index template features a form that asks for a password that is then sent to the /secretdata action through an HTTP POST request. The secret data is then rendered. In this example, whatever password you type in (or even no password at all) will result in you seeing the secret data. So what if you want to redirect someone back to the form if they get the password wrong All you have to do is change the /secretdata action: post '/secretdata' do redirect '/' if params[:password] != 'xyzzy' erb :secretdata end
Con guring Backup
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This section covers further aspects of working with the HIERARCHYID data type. I ll explain the circumstances in which paths can get lengthy and provide you with a solution to normalize them. I ll show you how to convert a representation of a tree as an adjacency list to one that is based on the HIERARCHYID data type. Finally, I ll show you how you can use the HIERARCHYID data type to sort separated lists of values.
If you move any or all of your personal data folders, you must take one additional step following the move: You must add the new locations to the list of folders that the search engine indexes. The index includes the original profile locations by default, but it doesn t pay attention when you relocate. For information about how to do this, see Adding Folders to the Index, later in this chapter.
With all of this additional information in the URL query string, you can tell exactly which record the user is looking at, which organization the user belongs to, the user s preferred language, and the organization s default language. From here, you can design your own custom web pages that take advantage of this query string information to render information relevant to the record the user is viewing. We also want to highlight the fact that even though Table 7-3 shows a custom .aspx page, you don t need to create custom web pages using Microsoft technology. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM IFrame can append the parameters to any type of URL, so you can create custom pages using the web development platform of your choice. Important By passing parameters to IFrames, you can create custom web pages that dynamically
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