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Customizing Flags
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ZeroFreeBSTR ZeroFreeCoTaskMemAnsi ZeroFreeCoTaskMemUnicode ZeroFreeGlobalAllocAnsi ZeroFreeGlobalAllocUnicode qr code reader
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Comparison-based swapping sorts are sorts that rearrange elements only by swapping, and the decision to swap or not swap elements is made by comparing the elements. Comparison-based swapping sorts cannot have complexity better than O(n log n). However, there are other ways to sort items. Ultra sort Ultra sort requires a staging area that will receive the data as it s scanned, and the preparation of the staging area depends on the type of data to be sorted. Suppose you re sorting numbers from 1 to 1,000. First allocate and initialize to zero an array A containing 1,000 items: A[1], A[2], through A[1000]. This setup takes O(1) time. Now scan the data to be sorted. When you encounter a 17, increment the value of A[17]. When you encounter a 36, increment A[36], and so on. When you ve gone through the entire list, you have an array A that recorded the number of 1s, of 2s, and so on in your original list. To return the original list in sorted order, step through the array A. When you get to A[63], for example, and nd that it equals 3, return 63 to the user 3 times. Then go to A[64]. This sort required O(n) time and O(1) space. Unfortunately, if you were sorting integers, the size of your O(1) space would be about 16 billion bytes, and while 16 billion is technically O(1), it s the dominant term, and quick sort or merge sort will probably be an improvement.
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The Office Web Components (OWCs) are a set of ActiveX components. With the components, you don t need to learn Java to create the slick interactive interface your users are asking for. The OWCs are supported by Excel and Access 2000, 2002, and 2003; they rely on Internet Explorer, starting with version 5.01 with SP2 or higher. The OWCs are only interactive if the user s browser supports ActiveX components. If users have an older browser, they ll still see the spreadsheet, chart, or pivot table, but they won t be able to manipulate it in their browser. The OWCs have two other requirements: your users must have a Microsoft Office license to use the components, and the OWCs must be installed on your SharePoint server. (To download the components, go to and search for owc11.exe.) The Office licensing and browser requirements make the OWCs a better choice for an intranet, where they were intended to be used, rather than the Internet. By default, IE blocks unsigned ActiveX components. When you or your users open a web page that includes ActiveX components, you ll need to click the Information Bar that appears at the top of your browser window and choose Allow Blocked Content. Depending on your settings, you might also have to okay one or two message boxes as part of this process. Don t let this IE behavior dissuade you from using the OWCs (or encourage you to dumb down your browser security settings). The active content won t be blocked when you view the web pages as part of a SharePoint site. SharePoint is wall-to-wall trusted ActiveX web parts.
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Managing Connectivity
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Figure 12-11 Try using Details iew to see more information about each connection.
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23 Troubleshooting Windows Errors
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Windows Small Business Server 2008 is designed to connect directly to a rewall and does not provide any direct protection for the rest of the SBS network. This is a major change from earlier versions of SBS that acted as the gateway between the Internet and the internal network when SBS was deployed with two network cards (NICs). Windows Small Business Server 2008 includes the new Windows Firewall that is part of Windows Server 2008 to protect the server, but should be protected by an additional, separate, rewall that will also act to protect the computers on the internal network.
CASE WHEN COUNT(CASE WHEN val < 0 THEN 1 END) % 2 = 0 THEN 1 ELSE -1 END * POWER(10., SUM(LOG10(NULLIF(ABS(val), 0)))) END AS product FROM dbo.Groups GROUP BY groupid;
12.6 Exercises
Pinned programs The area in the upper-left corner of the Start menu, above the horizontal line, is reserved for the programs you want to be accessible at all times. Once you have pinned an item to this part of the Start menu, it stays there (unless you subsequently remove it).
httpvalidationstatus.invalid This causes the cache to be invalidated so that the page is dynamically generated. The newly generated page is stored in the cache, replacing the earlier cached version.
Testing is often a process of managing risk. Risk-based testing is an approach to testing based on mitigating potential risks in a product. This approach intends to focus available testing resources on the most appropriate areas. In a sense, all testing is risk based; it is not possible to test everything, so as testers, we make choices based on a variety of criteria on where to concentrate our testing efforts. Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto created a formula to describe the irregular distribution of wealth in his country, observing that 80 percent of the wealth belonged to 20 percent of the people. Many people believe that the Pareto principle [1] (the 80:20 rule) applies as well to software projects. Applied generally, the Pareto principle states that in many measurements, 80 percent of the results come from 20 percent of the causes. When applied to software, the Pareto principle can mean that 80 percent of the users will use 20 percent of the functionality, that 80 percent of the bugs will be in 20 percent of the
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