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The procedure defines the integer input parameter @d with a default value 0 . It declares a datetime local variable called @odate, which is set to today s date minus @d days . The stored procedure then issues a query returning all orders with an orderdate greater than or equal to @odate . Invoke the stored procedure using the default value of @d:
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<td> <input id="RegEx" type="text" runat=server size=11 /> </td> <td> <ASP:RegularExpressionValidator ID="ValRegEx" ControlToValidate="RegEx" runat="SERVER" Display="None" ErrorMessage="Regular Expression" ValidationExpression= "[0-9]{3}-[ 0-9]{2}-[0-9]{4}" /> <ASP:RequiredFieldValidator ControlToValidate="RegEx" Display="None" ErrorMessage="Regular Expression" runat=server /> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Custom Validation (It wants you to enter "Hello" WITHOUT THE QUOTES): </td> <td> <input type="text" id="txtCustom"
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Setting Software Installation Options
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Fred: Your Bot s personality
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For example, in the next example, the navigation URL and display name properties of the hyperlink Web Part are exposed as properties that the end user can modify through the PropertyGridEditorPart . The following example illustrates how to create a hyperlink Web Part that you can add to the Links WebPartZone in the UseWebParts project . Although you could add a regular HyperLink control to the catalog, typical controls don t provide the same support for the user to modify the links . For example, when you edited the HyperLink controls in the previous example, all you could do was move them around in the Links Web Part . To provide your Web application users with additional properties they can configure, the links need to be represented as Web Parts in their own right .
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System-created option sets When you add a new option to a system-created option set, you can use option set values only between 200,000 and 2,147,483,646. Custom option sets When you add a new custom option set field, you can assign option set values between 1 and 2,147,483,646.
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You can also provide properties through the command line. As stated in 1, MSBuild Quick Start, we can use the /property, short version /p, to achieve this. We will see how this works now. When you use the /p switch you must specify the values in the format /p:<n>=<v> where <n> is the name of the property and <v> is its value. You can provide multiple values by separating the pairs by a semicolon. We will demonstrate a simple case by the following project le, Properties05.proj.
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13 Reports and Dashboards
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Observe that the change is reflected correctly in the result column .
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Running total of runningTotal, checkTotal, checks written to date nChecks Velocity of a bullet train Current date Lines per page velocity, trainVelocity, velocityInMph currentDate, todaysDate linesPerPage
Implementing Identity and Access (IDA) Control Using Active Directory
Part I CLR Basics
Figure 1-1: The browser screen produced by the program in Listing 1-1
visually interested. As shown in Figure 1-13, at the bottom of each slide, a navigation bar displayed the major sections of the presentation to keep the story theme and structure continuously present in the jurors minds. You ll see how to create a similar navigation bar in 8. Conventional PowerPoint slides can overwhelm audiences with too much information on the screen, but Mark s presentation contained only one idea per slide, giving jurors time to digest each point as they listened to Mark s verbal explanation. Instead of reading bullet points from the screen, Mark used his slides as visual cues to prompt him on the next point he would make, allowing him to speak with a natural and spontaneous style that came from the depth of his knowledge and authority on his topic. And instead of looking at the screen to see what was on it, Mark kept his attention focused on the jurors, making eye contact with each person throughout the presentation. Beyond the PowerPoint slides, Mark also used a range of other media and physical props to engage with the audience over the course of the presentation. At times, he switched the screen to a special document projector, where he displayed physical paper documents and highlighted passages on the pages with a yellow marker as he explained the signi cance of the evidence. Later he used a large paper ip chart that he calls a double-wide, where he wrote out key terms and concepts with large markers. Sometimes he switched from the slides to a brief video that illustrated a point. Other times he used physical props such as a plastic model of a heart held up in his hand to teach jurors the science behind heart attacks. Mark used different types of media to keep things varied and interesting throughout the presentation and to keep the experience from feeling too slick and produced. But after using each type of media, Mark always returned to the PowerPoint presentation on the 10-foot screen because it was a visually unifying tool he could use to tie everything together and move the story forward. The shifting and dissolving images holding the audience s interest on the large screen seamlessly came together with Mark s physical presence, and his voice tied everything together. In the Angleton courtroom, PowerPoint had taken on a new role it was now a powerful, persuasive backdrop that would have a major impact on the jurors in the eye of the PowerPoint storm in this Angleton courtroom.
Windows Vista Home Basic This entry-level edition, the successor to Windows XP Home Edition, includes the core elements of the new Windows Vista interface, notably Internet Explorer 7, Windows Media Player 11, Windows Movie Maker, and Windows Mail. It s perfectly suited for simple e-mail and web browsing, and it runs most programs written for Windows Vista. It rips and burns CDs (but not DVDs), and it works well on a simple home or small business network. Using Windows Vista Home Basic, you re limited to either the Windows Vista Standard interface or the Windows Vista Basic interface. Windows Vista Home Premium As the name suggests, this edition includes all the features found in Windows Vista Home Basic, plus the noteworthy addition of the Windows Vista Aero user experience and Windows Media Center features. (For all practical purposes, this is the successor to Windows XP Media Center Edition.) It also adds support for Tablet PC features (assuming you have compatible hardware), a more robust Backup program, the ability to create and edit DVDs, and support for high-definition content in Windows Movie Maker. Windows Vista Business Like its predecessor, Windows XP Professional, this edition is designed for use in the workplace. Using Windows Vista Business, you can connect to a corporate domain, create image-based backups, encrypt files, host a Remote Desktop session, take full advantage of Tablet PC features, and use roaming user profiles to name just a few of its many business-oriented features. Although this edition offers basic multimedia capabilities, such as the ability to play video clips and music CDs, it doesn t include Windows DVD Maker, or Windows Media Center. Windows Vista Enterprise This edition is not for sale through retail channels and is available only to corporate and institutional customers through Volume Licensing programs. It s essentially identical to Windows Vista Business, with the addition of Windows BitLocker drive encryption, support for multiple languages in the Windows user interface, and additional licenses that allow you to run up to four additional copies of Windows Vista using Virtual PC 2007.
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