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The last two calls to the RegisterType method define the rules that tell the Unity container how to instantiate the AzureTable instances that it must pass to the SurveyStore constructor.
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The code executes the stored procedure GetOrders in a controlled environment using a selective input . The code then pulls the plan handle and statement start offset for the procedure s query from cache by querying the aforementioned objects . The code finally executes the sp_create_plan_guide_from_handle procedure to create a plan guide for the query . Run the following code to check whether the plan guide is used:
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Most Web sites, and portals in particular, make a point of showing large amounts of content. This can be a feast for users, but in the long run it can also be a source of confusion. Recent studies on Web usability have concluded that personalization is a key factor in successful Web sites. Giving users the tools to build a personalized view of the content can mean the difference between an average and a superior Web site. You could say that cutting-edge Web sites are rich in content, have a consistent and modular design, and allow users to personalize the content. How do you build such a Web site Admittedly, rich content is not a programmatic issue, but being able to handle a wide range of content is a crucial design issue. As a page developer, you are responsible for building a modular site and making it personalizable. Web Parts and the Personalization API are the tools in Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 that make building modular and customizable Web sites easier, and even pleasant. In this chapter, we ll take a tour of the ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts framework and build a small but highly personalizable Web site. We ll cover the Personalization API in 4.
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Dim employees As List(Of Employee) = New List(Of Employee) From {New Employee With {.First = "Michael", .ID = 111, .Department = "IT Department", .City = "Pittsburgh"}, New Employee With {.First = "Hank", .ID = 112, .Department = "IT Department", .City = "Redmond"}, New Employee With {.First = "Benjamin", .ID = 113, .Department = "Human Resources", .City = "Chicago"}, New Employee With {.First = "Gail", .ID = 113, .Department = "Marketing", .City = "Ann Arbor"} } Dim empQuery As IEnumerable(Of Employee) = From emp In employees Where emp.First.Length > 5 Select emp Sample of C# Code List<Employee> employees = new List<Employee>() { new Employee {First="Michael", ID=111, Department="IT Department", City="Pittsburgh"}, new Employee {First="Hank", ID=112, Department="IT Department", City="Redmond"}, new Employee {First="Benjamin", ID=113, Department="Human Resources", City="Chicago"}, new Employee {First="Gail", ID=114, Department="Marketing", City="Ann Arbor"}, }; IEnumerable<Employee> empQuery = from emp in employees where emp.First.Length > 5 select emp;
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As you can see, you can invoke GACUtil .exe, specifying the /i switch to install an assembly into the GAC, and you can use GACUtil .exe s /u switch to uninstall an assembly from the GAC . Note that you can t ever place a weakly named assembly into the GAC . If you pass the file name of a weakly named assembly to GACUtil .exe, it displays the following error message:
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Part IV
Certificate Infrastructure for Smart Cards
When the build has nished, this target will be executed and the message Build has
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Con gure the computer to obtain its IP address using DHCP, if it doesn t already do so. Select Connect To Server from the Go menu of Finder. In the Connect To Server window, browse to the computer or type the address of the Windows le share, using one of the following formats: smb://fullyquali eddomainname/sharename smb://;servername/sharename For example, to connect to the Data share on the hp350-sbs-srv computer, type in: smb://hp350-sbs-srv.example.local/Data
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n the last chapter, you performed a rapid installation and configuration. If everything worked fine, you have the foundation of a site up and running. You may want to begin customizing your site and skip this chapter for now. However, be sure to return to it so you can get a clear understanding of the core Joomla installation structure. This knowledge will benefit you greatly as you begin to do more advanced Joomla modification. If the installation from the last chapter didn t go perfectly and you hit a few speed bumps, this chapter is for you. In addition to providing extensive installation instructions on each piece of the technology suite (Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server [IIS], PHP, and MySQL) that Joomla uses, it also shows you how to install Joomla on your own server rather than a commercial host. Even if you plan on using a commercial host for final deployment, it s still generally more convenient to perform testing and development on a desktop machine. Generally, the configuration settings that are best for the experimentation phase of a server are not desirable on a deployment server. Your desktop machine can provide the advantages of local testing (such as direct access to files and server settings) without the security threats that exist in a deployment environment. The multiple programs employed by a Joomla site have to integrate properly and play nice for the CMS to function properly. Figure 3-1 shows a general layer diagram of the two different installation options that will be presented in this chapter. Because of the multiple technologies involved in Joomla, it can sometimes be extremely frustrating to track down the source of a problem. In this chapter, I provide troubleshooting guides that should help you to locate and remedy problems you might encounter. The guides solve most of the more common problems that I ve come across. If the presented solutions don t directly eliminate the trouble, they should put you on the right track to solving it yourself. Before you begin an installation, however, examining the organization of a Joomla site will help you recognize the directory structure for later configuration.
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The default site map XML includes six Area elements with the following labels: Workplace, Sales, Marketing, Service, Settings, and Resource Center. You can modify, reorder, or remove these areas and add new areas by modifying the site map XML. Remember, Microsoft Dynamics CRM displays areas in the lower-left corner of the web client and in the Outlook client folders. Caution Although technically you can remove the Settings area from the application by
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