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1. You click a control (click a list entry, select an option, click an arrow) . In other words, you make a selection . This is a very important concept in the examples presented here because it is used when naming features of the models . 2. The control responds to the selection made with the mouse by outputting a value in a certain, user-defined cell, which, in theory, may be located anywhere in the workbook (in rS1 models, however, it is almost always located in the Lists 1 worksheet) . The control s output value is a number or a logical value . If you use ActiveX controls, it may also be a text . 3. The output value is the processed result of your selection . You can then use it directly or indirectly as an argument in a formula . The enormous benefit of this is that you can control part of (or, in some cases all of) the solution with your mouse without any need for programming . The basic commands for configuring and designing controls are in the Controls group of the Developer tab in the Ribbon . If you click the Insert button there, a visual menu of all available objects is displayed, divided into two groups . Note The Developer tab is not automatically displayed after you install Excel 2007 . However, you can make it permanently available by clicking the Office button/Excel Options/Popular tab/Show Developer tab .
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A VPN Deployment Scenario
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Most applications even many that have a minimal GUI require resources as well as code. Images, sounds, and text whether programmatic text, such as JavaScript to be used with the QtWebKit port or the text in the interface for windows, buttons, and so forth must be packaged together with your application. Rather than taking the approach of providing a resource bundle with your executable, Qt takes the approach of statically compiling any resources into your executable. That way, you don t have multiple files to carry around with most applications, nor do you need to depend on a platform-specific mechanism, such as an application bundle.
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Figure 8.6 This dialog box appears if audio is already on the Audio 2 track. 6. The next page depends on whether you chose to capture video or just audio. The two different pages that can appear are as follows. After you choose the capture setting, click Next. If you chose to narrate your slides with video and audio, the Capture Video and Audio page appears, and you can choose capture settings for capturing video with audio. You should choose your capture settings based on the type of video you are capturing and the connection rate that your audience will most likely use to watch
Note that we write += to add our variable s contents to the DEPLOYMENT variable so we append, rather than replace, any other files to be deployed.
string strHead; string strLink; System.Collections.IList listOfItems = GrdHeadline.SelectedItems; foreach(NewsHeadLine newsHead in listOfItems) { strHead = newsHead.strHead; strLink = newsHead.strLine; }
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Routing with Windows Server 2003
When the Load method is called on a DataTable, it fills the current object with incoming values. If the DataTable already contains rows, the data from the source is merged with the existing rows. The prototypes are shown here:
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