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Table 9-31. Employees before Moving Subtree
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If, prior to the current emergency, you have used the Complete PC Backup program to create an image backup of your system disk, you can use the Complete PC Restore command in the Windows Recovery Environment to restore that image. Restoring an image backup of a disk completely replaces the current contents of the disk. The restore program, in fact, will format the disk to which it is restoring before it begins the restore process and it will require your acknowledgement and explicit consent before it begins. This might sound like a drastic step, but it can be a quick and effective way to get Windows running again in circumstances that Startup Repair is unable to address.
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3. Enter the value you re comparing to in the Value text box. 4. To enter additional filter criteria, select And or Or, and then repeat steps 1 3. For example, if you d like to display flights that occurred between November 1 and November 30, 2005, enter the filter as shown in Figure 4-8. qr code dll
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One way to slow the growth of storage on a network is to limit the amount of disk space each user can utilize on a server. Windows Server 2008 provides two ways of doing this disk quotas and directory quotas. Directory quotas allow you to manage storage at a folder level. You can create quota templates and auto quotas that Windows automatically applies to subfolders and newly created folders. Directory quotas, unlike disk quotas, look at the actual amount of disk space used by a le and provide powerful noti cation capabilities. Directory quotas apply to all users as a group; disk quotas apply to individual users. Both directory quotas and disk quotas apply to a single server. Quotas can use either hard limits, which prevent users from exceeding their quotas, or soft limits, which only provide a warning and noti cation.
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C# (when using MEF) [ModuleExport(typeof(ModuleA), DependsOnModuleNames = new string[] { "ModuleD" })] public class ModuleA : IModule { ... }
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Listing 9-30. Producing binary sort paths representing nested sets relationships
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The table contains arrays of elements separated by commas. Your task is to write a query that generates the result shown in Table 7-3.
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Part II Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET Note that you need to add using statements for System.Xml and System.Web.Services at the top of this code to ensure that it compiles. This code simply checks to see whether an HTTP-POST has been performed, and if it has, it pulls the values for the ticker, start date, and end date parameters from the HTTP-POST form. It then passes these to the getXML function in the HelperFunctions class, which handles the heavy lifting for you. The data is then written back on the response stream. If you call this ASHX without an HTTPPOST form, an error text is written back.
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Part II:
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Build the MyCustomControls project. Also, note that you do not need to expose the Items property or manage its ViewState. That is taken care of already by the base class (DropDownList). Users can add and remove items from the default list of states that the control exposes. You will see that in the next exercise.
Table 14-2 summarizes StringBuilder s members .
Performance is stated as a requirement far more often than it actually is a requirement. Barry Boehm tells the story of a system at TRW that initially required sub-second response time. This requirement led to a highly complex design and an estimated cost of $100 million. Further analysis determined that users would be satisfied with four-second responses 90 percent of the time. Modifying the response-time requirement reduced overall system cost by about $70 million. (Boehm 2000b). Before you invest time solving a performance problem, make sure that you re solving a problem that needs to be solved.
1 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Overview
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DNS Forwarding
See the Code Samples section in the Introduction for important information on running the examples for this chapter .
} protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { DataTable dt = BindToInventory(); DataTable tableSelectedItems = this.CreateSelectedItemsTable(dt); Session["tableSelectedItems"] = tableSelectedItems; }
namespace Ch6_WCFService.Web { public class StartingHands { public string Nickname { get; set; } public string Notes { get; set; } public string Card1 { get; set; } public string Card2 { get; set; } public static List<StartingHands> GetHands() { List<StartingHands> hands = new List<StartingHands>(); hands.Add( new StartingHands() { Nickname = "Big Slick", Notes = "Also referred to as Anna Kournikova.", Card1 = "As", Card2 = "Ks" }); hands.Add( new StartingHands() { Nickname = "Pocket Rockets", Notes = "Also referred to as Bullets.", Card1 = "As", Card2 = "Ad" }); hands.Add(
FIGURE 4-35 Nonclustered index seek + ordered partial scan + lookups against a heap
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