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Application settings The wizard does not migrate program files; instead, it copies the settings and preference files to the correct location on the new computer and uses those preferences when you install the program on the new computer. Registry settings and preference files for a long list of programs are copied automatically. Naturally, this list is heavy on Microsoft programs all versions of Microsoft Office from Office 2000 through 2007, Microsoft Works 8.0, MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, and Windows Movie Maker 2.1. But it also includes the following list of third-party products:
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using System; using System.IO; internal sealed class SomeType { private void SomeMethod() { using (FileStream fs = new FileStream(@"C:\Data.bin", FileMode.Open)) {
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When the remote access client computer makes the VPN connection, by default it creates a default route so that all traffic that matches the default route is sent over the VPN connection. If other computers are forwarding traffic to the remote access VPN client, treating the remote access client computer as a router, that traffic is also forwarded across the VPN connection. This is a security problem because the VPN server has not authenticated the computer that is forwarding traffic to the remote access VPN client. The computer forwarding traffic to the remote access VPN client computer has the same network access as the authenticated remote access VPN cli ent computer. As mentioned earlier, this is the security risk of split-tunneling. One way to prevent this is to make sure routing is turned off on the client systems dur ing quarantine checks. If grouting cannot be turned off for functional application requirements, you should configure remote access policy packet filters on the remote access policy that is used for your VPN connections. Doing this will prevent unauthorized access to the intranet. For the Input Filters, set the filter action to Permit Only The Packets Listed Below and configure a single filter with the settings listed in Table 5-2. qr code reader
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When a managed solution is imported into a Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization, the system enforces the managed properties for each component. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM prevents users from changing any managed properties.
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Creating Slide Libraries
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Note If this code looks like nonsense to you, you ve skipped too many chapters. Head back to 3!
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Companion to CLR Routines
Figure 7-14. The TechConf home page
As you can see, the code is pretty verbose; it would be nice if there were some shorthand way to refer to the FileStream and StringBuilder types to reduce typing . Fortunately, many compilers do offer mechanisms to reduce programmer typing . The C# compiler provides this mechanism via the using directive . The following code is identical to the previous example:
Standard library documentation for cgi: rdoc/index.html Further information about CGI: Further information about HTTP cookies:
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Nothing you do matters if you do not have a strategy that considers your network s security. Your carefully conceived and implemented systems can be shut down or otherwise overwhelmed by Denial of Service attacks and malware. Your data can be stolen, modified, deleted, or corrupted because of viruses, accidents, or directed attack. A computer can be remotely controlled by a malicious attacker, your Web site modified, or your company s reputation sullied. Worse, unpro tected systems and networks can become the source of attacks on other organi zations systems, on critical national infrastructures such as dams, electric power grids, and so on. This chapter introduces you to some tools and techniques for increasing security on your network, fulfilling your organization s security policy, and monitoring and troubleshooting network security protocols. You learn how to protect the individual system, extend that control across the enterprise, and maintain control over data as it travels from one computer to another. In addition, an important security paradigm, the principle of least privilege, is introduced. Lessons in this :
Trusting the Server
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