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void Finished(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Perform the operation // Give feedback string msg = Credit card <b>[{0}]</b> has been successfully charged."; FinalMsg.Text = String.Format(msg, CreditCard.Text); }
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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If you re uncertain whether to select And or Or to join two filter criteria, ask yourself this simple quesTip
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Methods of the FormsAuthentication Class
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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
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A source-code comparator such as Diff is useful when you re modifying a program in response to errors. If you make several changes and need to remove some that you can t quite remember, a comparator can pinpoint the differences and jog your memory. If you discover a defect in a new version that you don t remember in an older version, you can compare the files to determine exactly what changed.
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Attendees are the primary focus of the system, and greater priority is placed on the functionality that affects them. The requirements of attendees form the basis of the majority of the functionality of the system. General information: Prospective attendees (members of the public) need an easy and intuitive way to learn about the details of the conference. The application must be easy to navigate, and the addition of common website functionality such as news and printable views of content must be easily accomplished. Registration: Attendees should be able to securely register for the conference and receive confirmation via email. The system should accommodate both individual and group registrations. Session browsing and selection: The system should provide intuitive and powerful search capabilities to assist users in the selection of sessions to attend. Session evaluations: Presenters should be able to review session evaluations online. Scheduling: The system should provide users with the ability to easily view and manage their schedules. The scheduled data should be available in a variety of formats that target different mediums and devices (for example, the Web, personal digital assistants [PDAs], and emails on demand). Notification and reminders: The system should provide users with the ability to subscribe to a conference notification service. These notices can include mailing lists, schedulerelated reminders, and session-related news. Accommodation assistance: The system should provide a way for attendees to find area maps, venue maps, hotel directions, locations of interest, restaurants, and other information to enhance their experience at the conference.
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existing HTML code to a file on your desktop. Update the code in the <HEAD> tag to the following:
The Whitespace and SignificantWhitespace node types are described later in the "Working with XML Nodes" section. The default value is All. Not inherited from XmlReader. Controls whether the XmlTextReader normalizes white space and attribute values in accordance with the "Attribute-Value Normalization" section of the W3C XML 1.0 specification. The default value is false. Not inherited from XmlReader. Controls the System.Xml.XmlResolver to use for resolving DTD references. By default, an instance of the System.Xml.XmlUrlResolver is used. Not inherited from XmlReader.
To filter data, select the criteria on which you want to filter from the list of values. If you want to create a custom filter, follow these steps: 1. At the top of the drop-down list, choose (Custom) to open the Custom AutoFilter dialog box, shown in Figure A-2. Enter up to two custom filter criteria separated by AND or OR.
On a domain-based computer, if you don t want to be bothered by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del to reach the logon screen, make the following change:
Chart Types Conventional and Exceptional
If you want to avoid acquiring licensed media, choose Tools, Options. On the Privacy tab in the Options dialog box, clear Download Usage Rights Automatically When I Play Or Sync A File. In recent years, some unscrupulous Web sites have pushed protected les that spawned pop-up windows and ActiveX installers trying to lure a visitor into accepting a spyware program or worse. The security features in Windows Vista make this tactic much more dif cult to pull off, but it s worth closing this potential risk if you never use digitally protected les.
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