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Figure 11-10. Moving the playhead on the timeline 7. With the playhead at 3 seconds, select the ellipse and move it down so that it is positioned directly below its starting point, but touching the black rectangle, as shown in Figure 11-11.
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You can configure an email server for your site manually in the Web.config file, or you can use the WSAT. When using the WSAT, you set up a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server from the Application tab.
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public ActionResult Analyze(string tenant, string surveySlug) { var surveyAnswersSummary = this.surveyAnswersSummaryStore
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You will also use the DISTINCT clause to filter the results to avoid getting the same record multiple times. This can happen when a product belongs to more than one category, and these categories are in the same department. In this situation, you would get the same product returned for each of the matching categories, unless the results are filtered using DISTINCT. -- Create catalog_get_products_on_department function CREATE FUNCTION catalog_get_products_on_department( INTEGER, INTEGER, INTEGER, INTEGER) RETURNS SETOF product_list LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE inDepartmentId ALIAS FOR $1; inShortProductDescriptionLength ALIAS FOR $2; inProductsPerPage ALIAS FOR $3; inStartItem ALIAS FOR $4; outProductListRow product_list; BEGIN FOR outProductListRow IN SELECT DISTINCT p.product_id,, p.description, p.price, p.discounted_price, p.thumbnail FROM product p INNER JOIN product_category pc ON p.product_id = pc.product_id INNER JOIN category c ON pc.category_id = c.category_id WHERE (p.display = 2 OR p.display = 3) AND c.department_id = inDepartmentId ORDER BY p.product_id LIMIT inProductsPerPage OFFSET inStartItem LOOP IF char_length(outProductListRow.description) > inShortProductDescriptionLength THEN outProductListRow.description := substring(outProductListRow.description, 1, inShortProductDescriptionLength) || '...'; END IF; RETURN NEXT outProductListRow; END LOOP; END; $$; qr code reader
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If you left the parameters screen for the Poll module, return to it now. The bottom-left side of the screen shows a frame labeled Menu Assignment. The Menus options let you select whether the module is displayed in all the menus, none of the menus, or the menus that are selected from a list. The list displayed below these options is set to Home by default, so the poll displays only on the Joomla Frontpage. In the list box, select the Joomla! Overview menu. That will make the poll appear only when the Poll module is displayed by that menu. If you refresh the Frontpage, you ll see that the poll no longer appears there. However, if you click the Joomla! Overview menu, you will see the new poll rendered on that page.
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
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In this practice, you configure NAT through a demand-dial interface.
Cross-page posting is frequently the best choice in a scenario in which data is collected on one webpage and processed on another webpage that displays the results. In such a scenario, a Button control typically has its PostBackUrl property set to the webpage to which the processing should post back. The page that receives the postback receives the posted data from the first page for processing. This page is referred to as the processing page. The processing page often needs to access data that was contained inside the initial page that collected the data and that delivered the postback. The previous page s data is available inside the Page.PreviousPage property. This property is set only if a cross-page post occurs. If the PreviousPage property is set to Nothing (null in C#), no cross-page posting occurred. You can access the controls found in the previous page by using the FindControl method of the PreviousPage property (which is a NamingContainer). In the following example, a webpage called DataCollection.aspx contains a TextBox control called TextBox1 and a Button control that has its PostBackUrl set to ~/ProcessingPage.aspx. When the data collection page invokes the processing page, it executes server-side code to pull the data from the data collection page, encode it by using HtmlEncode, and then put it inside a Label control. The code to do so is as follows.
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
The solution is this: (m + n)/2 + abs(m n)/2 . If you think about it, the greater of two values is their average plus half their absolute difference. The average of two values is equal to the smaller value plus half the difference between the two. So the average plus half the difference is equal to the smaller plus two times half the difference, which of course is the greater of the two. Said with words alone, the explanation may be hard to follow. Another way to justify the answer is to show that it is correct whether [case 1] m >= n (in which case) abs(m n) is just m n , and the expression simplifies to (m + n)/2 + (m n)/2 = 2m/2 = m ) or [case 2] m < n (in which case) abs(m n) = n m , and the expression simplifies to (m + n)/2 + (n m)/2 = 2n/2 = n ). Because one of case 1 or case 2 is always true, the formula always works.
public partial class StoredProcedures { [Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlProcedure] public static void SalesRunningSum() { using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("context connection=true;")) { SqlCommand comm = new SqlCommand(); comm.Connection = conn; comm.CommandText = "" + "SELECT empid, dt, qty " + "FROM dbo.Sales " + "ORDER BY empid, dt;"; SqlMetaData[] columns = new SqlMetaData[4]; columns[0] = new SqlMetaData("empid", SqlDbType.Int); columns[1] = new SqlMetaData("dt", SqlDbType.DateTime); columns[2] = new SqlMetaData("qty", SqlDbType.Int); columns[3] = new SqlMetaData("sumqty", SqlDbType.BigInt); SqlDataRecord record = new SqlDataRecord(columns); SqlContext.Pipe.SendResultsStart(record); conn.Open(); SqlDataReader reader = comm.ExecuteReader(); SqlInt32 prvempid = 0; SqlInt64 sumqty = 0;
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