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public UInt32 BuildNumber public Uint32 PlatformId
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Deploying Ruby programs can be made easier with the tools covered in the previous section, but you can use a number of techniques directly within Ruby to make Ruby s interactions with its surrounding environment even better. For example, it s possible to detect information about the machine upon which a Ruby script is running and then change the way the program operates on the fly. You can also retrieve parameters passed to the program via the command line. Detecting the runtime environment while the program is running can be useful to restrict access to users on specific platforms if your program isn t relevant to other users, or to tailor internal settings in your program so that your program will work better on the user s operating system. It can also be a useful way to get system-specific information (rather than operatingsystem specific information) that s relevant directly to the machine the program is running on, as it could affect the operation of your program. A common example of this is retrieving the current user s path: a string of various directory names on the system that can be searched as default locations for files. There are also environment variables dictating where to store temporary files, and so forth.
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Figure 9-4. A project under CruiseControl The CruiseControl reporting application provides information about the time of the last build and whether it was successful or not. If we drill down further by clicking on the project s name link, we are presented with a page that provides five tabs: Build Results, Test Results, XML Log File, Metrics, and a JMX Control Panel. In the Build Results page you will find information about errors and warnings produced during the build, general information about the result of running the test suite, and a summary of any modifications since the last successful build. Figure 9-5 shows the Unit Tests summary for the Lucene project.
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Certi cate for Message Security (Web Service Host, Active Scenario) A certi cate will be used to protect the communication between the client and the Web service at the message level.
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13 . . Select A Hyper Link in the Catalog Zone, and add it to the Links Web Part Zone . 14 . . Put the Web Parts Page into Edit mode by selecting Edit from the Switch Display Mode drop-down list . Click the arrow in the upper-right corner of the newly added link .
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Here are some ways to call the Display method:
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Member Modifiers
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Modify the cart_details componentized template, which will now redirect the user to a checkout page that will be implemented in a new componentized template called checkout_info. Create a componentized template for customer login called customer_login. Create a componentized template for customer registration or for editing basic account details called customer_details. Create a componentized template named customer_credit_card that allows customers to enter credit card details. Create a componentized template named customer_address for customers to enter a shipping address.
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Local System Local Service
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private static Boolean MethodTakingAnyType<T>(T o) { T temp = o; Console.WriteLine(o.ToString()); Boolean b = temp.Equals(o); return b; }
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Customizing MSBuild
<%@ Page language="c#" Codebehind="SimpleSPSelect.aspx.cs" AutoEventWireup="false"
To the CLR, an interface definition is just like a type definition . That is, the CLR will define an internal data structure for the interface type object, and reflection can be used to query features of the interface type . Like types, an interface can be defined at file scope or defined nested within another type . When defining the interface type, you can specify whatever visibility/accessibility (public, protected, internal, etc .) you desire . By convention, interface type names are prefixed with an uppercase I, making it easy to spot an interface type in source code . The CLR does support generic interfaces (as you can see from some of the previous examples) as well as generic methods in an interface . I will discuss some of the many features offered by generic interfaces later in this chapter and in 12, Generics, in which I cover generics more broadly . An interface definition can inherit other interfaces . However, I use the word inherit here rather loosely because interface inheritance doesn t work exactly as does class inheritance . I prefer to think of interface inheritance as including the contract of other interfaces .
You can see that the duration and I/O involved with the query pattern we tuned are greatly reduced. Still, there are queries that generate a lot of network traffic. With those, you might want to check whether some of the processing of their result sets could be achieved at the server side, thus reducing the amount of data submitted through the network.
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