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Just from looking at the prototype, you should be able to guess exactly how this method works. The String parameter, s, identifies a string representation of a number you want parsed into an Int32 object. The System.Globalization. NumberStyles parameter, style, is a set of bit flags that identify characters that Parse should expect to find in the string. And the IFormatProvider parameter, provider, identifies an object that the Parse method can use to obtain culture specific information as discussed earlier in this chapter. For example, the following code causes Parse to throw a System.Format Exception exception because the string being parsed contains a leading space:
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c. Correct: Controls such as CreateUserWizard, Menu, SiteMapPath, TreeView, and Wizard
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When formulating SQL commands, it is sometimes convenient to get a quick overview of the structure of a table; for example, to see the column names and the datatypes. In such cases, the SQL*Plus DESCRIBE command is what you need. See Listing 2-25 for an example. Listing 2-25. The SQL*Plus DESCRIBE Command SQL> descr employees Name ----------------------------EMPNO ENAME INIT JOB MGR BDATE MSAL COMM DEPTNO SQL> Null -------NOT NULL NOT NULL NOT NULL Type -------------------NUMBER(4) VARCHAR2(8) VARCHAR2(5) VARCHAR2(8) NUMBER(4) NOT NULL DATE NOT NULL NUMBER(6,2) NUMBER(6,2) NUMBER(2)
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We ve used strings already, in some of our earlier code examples, like so: puts "Hello, world!" A string is a collection of textual characters (including digits, letters, whitespace, and symbols) of any length. All strings in Ruby are objects of the String class, as you can discover by calling a string s class method and printing the result: puts "Hello, world!".class
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FIGURE 5-9 XmlLogger class diagram
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s Note At the time of this writing, Apache on Windows (unlike the Linux install) does not support SSL in the downloadable binaries. This means that to use SSL on Apache Windows, you will need to download, configure, and install it yourself. On the Web, search for the Apache SSL module (mod_ssl) and installation instructions. Windows IIS natively supports SSL.
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Worker Thread 1
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Disk Output Cache
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Figure 2-7 This workbook structure is typical of many models used in this book .
Step 5: Grouping
Figure 8-12: Product Quality Assessment Using a Bayesian Graphical Model. We testers will never enjoy complete certainty in our job, but we can measure and take steps to reduce the uncertainty of our task. At some point, we have to ship, and it's nice to know when the odds of success are in our favor.
Setting Up Your Storyboard and Narration
Part III:
customizations allowed for a given entity.
This task scheduler queues tasks to the CLR s thread pool . After this has occurred, you can call Prioritize to indicate that a Task should be processed before all normal tasks (if it hasn t been processed already) . You can call Deprioritize to make a Task be processed after all normal tasks .
It is always your own responsibility to formulate subqueries in such a way that you are not comparing apples with oranges. For example, the next variant of the query shown in Listing 4-33 does not result in an error message; however, the result is rather strange. Listing 4-33. Comparing Apples with Oranges select attendee from registrations where EVALUATION in (select DURATION from courses where category = 'BLD');
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
Structuring Your Files
} M1 Locals
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