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Now let s take a look at the process executed by a request to the Joomla CMS, as shown in Figure 1-4. The web browser requests a page (e.g., index.php) of the web server. Although the address of the page requested in the browser s address bar may appear similar to the request for a simple HTML page, it actually activates a whole processing system. The request causes a part of Joomla to load into the web server and begin executing on the server s PHP engine. Joomla analyzes the request to determine what content is requested, and then the Joomla system opens a connection to a database server and requests the specified article from the database. Once the article contents are retrieved, Joomla formats the article using the style selected as the user template. Joomla creates the HTML display content and sends it back to the browser, where it appears to the user in the same form as if a static HTML file was retrieved.
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After verifying the name of the account and the password, you should additionally ensure that the account has been granted the Log On As A Service right. If you are using a domain account to run the service, you should inspect the Default Domain Controller policy. To perform this task, from the Start menu, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Domain Controller Security Policy. In the left pane under the Local Policies node, double-click User Rights Assignment, and in the right pane, select Log On As A Service, as shown in Figure 12-29.
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Organizations are being forced to comply with an ever-increasing set of auditing requirements for their data . The European Union Data Protection Directive, HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), Sarbanes-Oxley (corporation law in the United States), PCI-CISP (Payment Card Industry Cardholder Information Security Program), and many others can impact a company s data handling . Pre-SQL Server 2008 systems typically used DML triggers to implement auditing of data changes, but it was difficult to audit access to data within the database tier . SQL Server Audit is focused on compliance . We can use it to audit DML operations (including SELECT), DDL operations, GRANT/DENY permissions, login and logout operations, and many others . This avoids the need for many custom tools and is much easier to work with than
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If your compatible device loses its ability to sync with Windows Media Player, you may be able to restore its function by removing and reinstalling the device. Turn the device on and connect it to your computer. Click Start, right-click Computer, and choose Manage; in the Computer Management console, select Device Manager. Find your device under the Portable Devices category, right-click its entry in the list, and click Uninstall. Now disconnect the device, wait a minute or two, and (with the device still on) reconnect it to your computer.
You can see how this looks in Figure 4-25.
The output of the sample page
is the foundation of nearly every major operating system currently available. C (and its objectoriented sister language, C++) is still a popular language due to its raw speed and flexibility. Although languages such as Ruby have been designed to be easy to develop with, C offers a lot of low-level access to developers, along with blazing speed. This makes C perfect for writing performance-intensive libraries and functions that can be called from other programming languages, such as Ruby.
Lesson 2: Creating Custom Web Server Controls
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