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Once a build has completed, it often goes through a number of other processes before it is released. For example, a build might be installed in a testing environment, pass testing, and then be released. To provide the ability to track the status of a build, Team Build allows you to ag builds with a build quality. The rst step is to de ne the list of build qualities you d like to be able to ag builds with. You can open the Edit Build Qualities dialog shown in Figure 10-22 by right-clicking the Builds node of Team Explorer and choosing Manage Build Qualities. Figure 10-22 shows the default list of build qualities provided with Team Build, but these can be customized to meet your requirements. Once the list of build qualities has been de ned, you can assign a build quality to a build by right-clicking the build in the Completed tab of the Build Explorer and choosing Edit Build Quality as shown in Figure 10-23. Assigning or changing a build s build quality requires the user to be assigned the Edit Build Quality permission.
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Figure 12-10 The WSUS Administration Console allows you to approve security updates, manage client computers, and run reports.
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Several text functions have a corresponding function with a B suffix, such as SUBSTRB, INSTRB, and LENGTHB. These special functions express their results in bytes instead of characters. This distinction is relevant only if you are using multibyte character sets. See Oracle SQL Reference for more details. Listing 5-7 shows some examples of the LOWER, UPPER, INITCAP, and LENGTH text functions; the results are self-explanatory. Listing 5-7. Using the lower, UPPER, initcap, and LENGTH Functions select from where order lower(job), initcap(ename) employees upper(job) = 'SALESREP' by length(ename); INITCAP(ENAME) -------------Ward Allen Martin Turner
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If you don t fancy the sound that Internet Explorer uses to announce a blocked pop-up, you can assign a different sound via the Change System Sounds option in the Hardware And Sound section of Control Panel. You ll nd the event you need to con gure Blocked Pop-up Window under the Windows Explorer heading. (Internet Explorer doesn t have its own heading in this dialog box.)
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Windows Security Fundamentals
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using using using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Text; System.Web; System.Web.UI; System.Web.UI.WebControls; System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts;
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private static void ChainDelegateDemo2(Program p) { Console.WriteLine("----- Chain Delegate Demo 2 -----"); Feedback fb1 = new Feedback(FeedbackToConsole); Feedback fb2 = new Feedback(FeedbackToMsgBox); Feedback fb3 = new Feedback(p.FeedbackToFile); Feedback fbChain = null; fbChain += fb1; fbChain += fb2; fbChain += fb3; Counter(1, 2, fbChain); Console.WriteLine(); fbChain -= new Feedback(FeedbackToMsgBox); Counter(1, 2, fbChain); } private static void Counter(Int32 from, Int32 to, Feedback fb) { for (Int32 val = from; val <= to; val++) { // If any callbacks are specified, call them if (fb != null) fb(val); } } private static void FeedbackToConsole(Int32 value) { Console.WriteLine("Item=" + value); } private static void FeedbackToMsgBox(Int32 value) { MessageBox.Show("Item=" + value); } private void FeedbackToFile(Int32 value) { StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter("Status", true); sw.WriteLine("Item=" + value); sw.Close(); } }
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20 Exceptions and State Management
5. 6.
between code coverage and quality, and only an indirect association between code coverage and test effectiveness. The value of structural testing lies in the ability of the tester to critically analyze control flow through a function and design tests that ensure various control flow paths are executed at least once. In the following SimpleSearch function example, we can exercise all statements in this function with one test by passing a string argument of AB and a character argument of B to the function's input parameters. With one simple test, control flow would enter the while loop because the index variable is less than the length of the array, and the character variable passed to the function through the myCharacter parameter is not equal to the element in the array indicated by the current index value. In the while loop, we execute a statement to increment the index variable by 1 and loop back around to evaluate both conditional clauses in the while loop again. The value of the index variable is still less than the length of the array, but the second element in the array is the character B, which is equal to the myCharacter variable. The second conditional clause is true because the value of the index variable is less than the length of the array, so we enter this block and increment the value of index by 1 and assign it to the retVal variable. Finally, control flow exits the decision block and returns the value of the retVal variable to the calling function. So, with one simple test we are able to execute all statements in this function. However, no professional tester would be satisfied with one simple test of this function! SimpleSearch Function
Managing Reports with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Note The OutDir and PublishDir properties must have a trailing backslash. Team Build can also be instructed to honor the output or publish directory de ned in each project le, which results in an output structure similar to that produced on a developer s workstation by setting the CustomizableOutDir and/or CustomizablePublishDir properties to true.
5. Data Types
lambda expression feature . When I first started using lambda expressions, it definitely took me some time to get used to them . After all, the code that you write in a method is not actually inside that method, and this also can make debugging and single-stepping through the code a bit more challenging . In fact, I m amazed at how well the Microsoft Visual Studio debugger actually handles stepping through lambda expressions in my source code .
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