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into the string, I don t recommend this practice . Instead, the System.Environment type defines a read-only NewLine property that returns a string consisting of these characters when your application is running on Microsoft Windows . However, the NewLine property is platform sensitive, and it returns the appropriate string required to obtain a newline by the underlying platform . So, for example, if the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is ported to a UNIX system, the NewLine property would return a string consisting of just a single character \n . Here s the proper way to define the previous string so that it works correctly on any platform:
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You ll recall that the compiler defined the Invoke method when it defined the Feedback class . When Invoke is called, it uses the private _target and _methodPtr fields to call the desired method on the specified object . Note that the signature of the Invoke method matches the signature of the delegate; because the Feedback delegate takes one Int32 parameter and returns void, the Invoke method (as produced by the compiler) takes one Int32 parameter and returns void .
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Bit Set AllowLeadingWhite | AllowTrailingWhite | AllowLeadingSign AllowLeadingWhite | AllowTrailingWhite | AllowLeadingSign | AllowTrailingSign | AllowDecimalPoint | AllowThousands AllowLeadingWhite | AllowTrailingWhite | AllowLeadingSign | AllowDecimalPoint | AllowExponent AllowLeadingWhite | AllowTrailingWhite | AllowLeadingSign | AllowTrailingSign | AllowParentheses | AllowDecimalPoint |
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FIGURE 8-28 The Explanation slides with graphics added.
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Figure 8-11 Three-line axis label with regular segmentation
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Important The following exercise assumes that you have installed the DNS server on Computer1 by using the Windows Components Wizard (as described in 4, Lesson 3). In this case, zone transfers from the Domain1.local zone are enabled by default but restricted to authoritative name servers. If instead you have installed the DNS server on Computer1 by using the Manage Your Server window to add the DNS server role, zone transfers for all locally hosted zones are disabled by default. In this case, before beginning this exercise, be sure to enable zone transfers for the Domain1.local zone and restrict zone transfers to serv ers listed on the Name Servers tab.
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Application web.config contains settings to apply to this application
Table 5 4. Qt Mobility APIs and the values for the MOBILITY qmake variable
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Of course, if the CLRUtilities .dll file containing the assembly was created in a different folder, specify the relevant folder instead . The CREATE ASSEMBLY command loads the IL code from the .dll file into the database . After it s loaded, you no longer need the external file . Note that if you rebuild the assembly later after adding routines and do not use the automatic deployment option from Visual Studio Professional edition, you will need to issue an ALTER ASSEMBLY command or the DROP and CREATE ASSEMBLY commands manually to reload the IL code into the database . This step is not necessary if you followed the instructions in Appendix A and already created all routines that are discussed in the book . I will not refer further to this step . Whenever I discuss a new routine, I will provide the T-SQL code required to register it in the database (CREATE FUNCTION | PROCEDURE | TRIGGER command), although you don t actually need to run such code if you followed the instructions in Appendix A fully . Here s the code you need to run to register the C# version of the RegexIsMatch function in the CLRUtilities database:
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In addition to creating Web sites that are customizable by end users, Web Parts can be very useful to lower-level site developers . Web Parts combine the flexibility of rendered custom controls with the drag-and-drop manageability of user controls . As a developer, you can drag completed Web Parts from Web Parts galleries onto Web Parts zones . You can modify the shared properties of a group of Web Parts and make them persistent . In addition to being a useful way to package user interface (UI) components, Web Parts can connect with each other through standard interfaces . Web Parts technology is very useful in building portals and collaboration sites . Microsoft SharePoint is an excellent example of this type of site . Rather than building document collaboration and sharing facilities into an application from the ground up, SharePoint already has high-level components that handle those sorts of features . Setting up a portal is about assembling high-level parts into an application .
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