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CREATE INDEX idx_nc_app_st_et ON dbo.Sessions(app, starttime, endtime);
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AlternatingitemTemplate This is an optional template; if it is implemented, every other row is rendered with this template. selecteditemTemplate This is an optional template; if implemented, the template is used to render a row that has been selected. separatorTemplate This is an optional template that defines the markup used to indicate the separation of items from alternate items.
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Part I ASP.NET Essentials
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This tells you that a divide-by-zero error doesn t terminate the batch . On the other hand, the following code doesn t invoke the PRINT statement after the conversion error is generated, telling you that a conversion error terminates the batch:
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If you want to create a mapping, you specify the mapped type as the second generic type parameter, as shown here.
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Logs any attempts by the CA admin- qr code reader
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14 Chars, Strings, and Working with Text
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22. Developer Testing
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Take a Practice Test
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3 Stored Procedures data matrix generator
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Part II
Configuring DNS Servers and Clients
Flexibility is one of the best features of SmartArt graphics. Whether you are creating a diagram to illustrate a sales process or designing the new organizational chart for your department, a wide range of styles and options are available to help you convey your ideas in just the right way.
836 ChAPTER 14
Consider using break statements rather than boolean flags in a while loop In some cases, adding boolean flags to a while loop to emulate exits from the body of the loop makes the loop hard to read. Sometimes you can remove several levels of indentation inside a loop and simplify loop control just by using
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