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D. Incorrect: The PreRender event is used to make final changes to the page prior to its
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In many cases, the versions of Ruby for some operating systems might be out of date or unsupported. If this is the case, and you re confident about being able to compile your own version of Ruby directly from the Ruby source code, the source code is available to download from To test that Ruby is installed sufficiently to continue with this book, you want to check which version of Ruby is installed by asking Ruby for its version, as follows: ruby v You also need access to Ruby s interactive prompt irb. You access this simply by running irb (if it s in your path) as follows: irb If Ruby and irb do not work without complaint, you need to seek assistance for your s pecific platform. Appendix C provides a list of useful resources.
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Method GetName() GetNames() GetUnderlyingType() GetValues() IsDefined()
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Analysis Elements
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A compiler error is raised if the compiler determines that a program element marked as CLScompliant is actually not compliant. The following example demonstrates the use of the CLSCompliant attribute to identify various CLS-compliant program elements:
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26. Code-Tuning Techniques
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Use structures to reduce maintenance Because you group related data when you use structures, changing a structure requires fewer changes throughout a program. This is especially true in sections of code that aren t logically related to the change in the structure. Since changes tend to produce errors, fewer changes mean fewer errors. If your Employee structure has a title field and you decide to delete it, you don t need to change any of the parameter lists or assignment statements that use the whole structure. Of course, you have to change any code that deals specifically with employee titles, but that is conceptually related to deleting the title field and is hard to overlook.
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XML as a Stored Procedure Parameter
least 50 Kbps or more of upload bandwidth per simultaneous visitor, depending on the size of images or les. This can quickly swamp your Internet connection, which is why most small businesses pay for Web hosting.
If the same setting is expressed in a child web.config file a web.config file stored in a site subdirectory all ASP.NET pages in the folder are bound to a specified master page. Note that if you use this approach, all the Web pages in the application must have Content controls mapped to one or more placeholders in the master page. Application-level binding prevents you from having (or later adding) a page to the site that is not configured as a content page. Any page that contains server controls will throw an exception. A page that is bound to a master is not permitted to host server controls outside of an <asp:Content> tag.
You can have it both ways . If you opt for submenus, you can still open items in Windows Explorer . Just right-click and choose Open .
/I Performs a simpler check of index entries (stage 2 in the Chkdsk process), reducing the amount of time required.
permission is set to Control Access Through Remote Access Policy and the static route with a subnet mask of is added.
This query generates the same result as the NOT EXISTS query, as well as the same plan. Once you're done testing the queries, make sure you remove the row with the NULL CustomerID : DELETE FROM dbo.Orders WHERE CustomerID IS NULL;
We can now construct a Task<TResult>object (which is derived from Task), and we pass for the generic TResult argument the compute-bound operation s return type . Now, after starting the task, we can wait for it to complete and then get its result using the following code:
If you assign font attributes using the commands of the Ribbon, these affect all lines of the label . If you assign a specific alignment via the formatting dialog box, this affects only the first line of the label .
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