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Updates check box, and click Next.
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If you look at the raw text of the response (click Page, View Source in Internet Explorer), you can see that ASP .NET responds with pretty straightforward, ordinary HTML . There s a bit extra near the top the hidden __VIEWSTATE field, which is covered later in 4, Custom Rendered Controls . After that, the rest is familiar HTML describing a form . Listing 3-4 shows the raw HTML emitted by the ASP .NET code from Listing 3-3 . Be sure to turn tracing off first before surfing to the page!
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De nitions of the Basic Logical Operators
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Interface: The WAN adapter attached to the Internet Destination: Network Mask: Gateway:
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I use the variable $i to iterate through Customer nodes, and I use $j to iterate through Order nodes . In the where part, I compare the values of the customercustid and ordercustid attributes, and return only nodes for which the values of these two attributes match . Note also that because I return all information as attributes of the Order element, I have to use quotations for values of attributes . The result of this query is:
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Using SBS Software Updates
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16. On the Custom Actions page, click Next.
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Lesson 1, Practice 1, Exercise 1 code 39 generator download
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Note To learn more about IRC, see
12 Generics
According to the de nition of logical implication, the statement P Q holds except when P is true and Q is false. In particular, it holds whenever P is false, regardless of the truth value of Q. As a result, some if-then statements are logically true but may sound false or seem puzzling. For example, these propositions are both true: If 1=0, the moon is made of cheese. If the real number x is negative and positive, then x equals 11.
Diagnostics and Plumbing
Improved performance doesn t justify putting multiple operations on the same line either. Because the two strcpy() routines are logically equivalent, you would expect the compiler to generate identical code for them. When both versions of the routine were profiled, however, the first version took 4.81 seconds to copy 5,000,000 strings and the second took 4.35 seconds.
Lesson Review
Deadlocks and Update Conflicts
Partitioning is usually introduced for large tables processed on big multi-CPU servers. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to parallelism of queries against partitioned tables. When investigating parallelism, we should rst determine whether a parallel query plan is generated at all. Subsequently we can evaluate execution ef ciency of the query from the point of view of parallelism. In this section I will explain how to recognize what parts of a query plan are parallel, what special considerations we should have in the context of partitioning and parallelism, and how to investigate execution ef ciency for parallel query plans. I will also give the details of one substantial change in parallel plan processing for partitioned tables between SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008. Take a look back at the query plan in Figure 11-10 for our BETWEEN query in SQL Server 2005. It has four parallel operators as well as two operators without parallelism (Constant Scan and SELECT). The parallel operators are indicated by a round yellow icon with two arrows at the base of the operator icon. A parallel query plan has at least one Parallelism operator. Figure 11-10 shows two kinds of Parallelism operators: Gather Streams
Original i1 -------(1:5) Interval i1 -------(4:10) interval Begin End ----------- ----------1 5 after properties modification Begin End ----------- ----------4 10
to hundreds of thousands of developers all now interested in using the language. This section examines Ruby on Rails, explains why it s important, and discusses how its presence has changed the whole dynamic of the Ruby ecosystem.
Object o1 = new Object(); Object o2 = new B(); Object o3 = new D(); Object o4 = o3; B b1 = new B(); B b2 = new D(); D d1 = new D(); B b3 = new Object(); D d2 = new Object(); B b4 = d1; D d3 = b2; D d4 = (D) d1; D d5 = (D) b2; D d6 = (D) b1; B b5 = (B) o1; B b6 = (D) b2;
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