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In some situations, you might find it useful to catch one exception and re-throw a different exception . The only reason to do this is to maintain the meaning of a method s contract . Also, the new exception type that you throw should be a specific exception (an exception that s not used as the base type of any other exception type) . Imagine a PhoneBook type that defines a method that looks up a phone number from a name, as shown in the following pseudocode:
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internal sealed class MyFormTask : Form { protected override void OnClick(EventArgs e) { // The System.Net.WebClient class supports the Event-based Asynchronous Pattern WebClient wc = new WebClient(); // Create the TaskCompletionSource and its underlying Task object var tcs = new TaskCompletionSource<String>(); // When a string completes downloading, the WebClient object raises the // DownloadStringCompleted event which will invoke our ProcessString method wc.DownloadStringCompleted += (sender, ea) => { // This code always executes on the GUI thread; set the Task s state if (ea.Cancelled) tcs.SetCanceled(); else if (ea.Error != null) tcs.SetException(ea.Error); else tcs.SetResult(ea.Result); }; // Have the Task continue with this Task that shows the result in a message box // NOTE: The ExecuteSynchronously flag is required to have this code run on the // GUI thread; without the flag, the code runs on a thread pool thread tcs.Task.ContinueWith(t => { try { MessageBox.Show(t.Result); } catch (AggregateException ae) { MessageBox.Show(ae.GetBaseException().Message); }}, TaskContinuationOptions.ExecuteSynchronously); // Start the asynchronous operation (this is like calling a BeginXxx method) wc.DownloadStringAsync(new Uri("")); base.OnClick(e); } }
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The BeginExecuteReader function returns an IAsyncResult object that you use later to complete the call. Note that EndExecuteReader is called to finish up the operation; it blocks execution until the ongoing command terminates. Note that to enable asynchronous operations, you must set the new Async attribute to true in the connection string. The EndExecuteReader function syncs up the command with the rest of the application, blocking the code whenever the results of the command are not ready. You can avoid this blocking schema by periodically polling for completion. The following code illustrates the polling option with a nonquery statement. qr code reader free
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You can think of UNION ALL as UNION without duplicate removal. That is, you get one result set containing all rows from both inputs, including duplicates. For example, the following query returns all occurrences of country, region, city from both tables:
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FunctionID (the function being inlined), and a pointer to a BOOL, which, if set to FALSE, will prevent inlining. You could do some very interesting things with the JITInlining notification. For example, you could leave inlining on for the .NET Framework class library (FCL) classes but turn it off when executing non-FCL code. You have to be careful, however, because the CLR will call JITInlining billions of times and your code will look up caller and/or callee FunctionID values, which could cause a much worse performance hit than simply disabling globally in the process. Although you might think about storing the FunctionID values you do look up, keep in mind that the CLR garbage collector can rejiggle those values, so you'll have to handle garbage collection notifications to keep your data tables straight. The Function ID Mapper In addition to the very cool hooking functions, I need to tell you about one other special function: FunctionIDMapper. The purpose of this function is to allow you to change the value of the FunctionID passed to the three separate hook functions. The CLR calls it right before any of the hook functions. You don't have to set the FunctionIDMapper function if you don't want to, but doing so can open up some very interesting development possibilities. Setting the FunctionIDMapper is immutable and you should do it in the ICorProfilerCallback::Initialize method by passing the function pointer to ICorProfilerInfo::SetFunctionIDMapper. One thing that caused me some problems is that the Profiling.DOC discussion of the function prototype is wrong. The FunctionIDMapper function returns a UINT_PTR, the underlying type for a FunctionID, instead of the void documented. The correct prototype is this: UINT_PTR __stdcall FunctionIDMapper ( FunctionID functionId , BOOL *pbHookFunction ) ; Interestingly, FunctionIDMapper is a normal standard call function, not one of the naked functions required by the other hook functions. The FunctionID parameter is the function that the CLR is about to call one of the hook functions for. The Boolean pointer parameter allows you to control whether the CLR calls the hook function. If you want to allow the hook call, set *pbHookFunction to TRUE. If you set it to FALSE, the hook function isn't called. If you want to change the value passed as the hook parameter, return that value from your FunctionIDMapper function. I see FunctionIDMapper as being quite interesting for larger projects that use the Profiling API. For example, you have to look up the function class and method name on nearly all calls into the hooking functions. You could use the FunctionIDMapper function to handle the function lookup instead and pass the values onto the hook function. That way you have a single place in which you're performing the lookups. With the option to control whether the hook function is actually called, you have more power at your disposal. For example, when you want to do logging or analysis for only a single thread, you can use FunctionIDMapper to determine the thread ID, and if you're not interested in watching the thread, you can skip the hook function. The option to skip the hook function can make the design of your profiler much easier to implement. In fact, I took advantage of it in the FlowTrace program.
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A finally block contains code that s guaranteed to execute. Typically, the code in a finally block performs the cleanup operations required by actions taken in the try block. For example, if you open a file in a try block, put the code to close the file in a finally block:
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Static Solution Using IS NULL
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Telnet will respond with the following.
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Creating and Sharing Personal E-Mail Templates
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User Accounts
In this brief introductory chapter, we ve barely scratched the surface of what s new and what s changed in this version of Windows. We didn t get a chance to mention the addictive games, or the performance improvements you get when you plug a USB flash drive into a PC and turn on ReadyBoost, or the new audio subsystem with its rich support for surround sound systems, or the improved power management options, or support for Tablet PCs, or Well, maybe we should just begin.
<profile enabled="true"> <properties> <group name="Address"> <add name="Street" /> <add name="City" /> <add name="PostalCode" /> </group> </properties> </profile>
transformation (linear transformation followed by a translation) of its coordinate system. You can use the following methods to adjust the coordinate system used by QPainter scale to scale the coordinate system by an offset. rotate to rotate the coordinate system clockwise around its origin. translate to translate (shift by an offset) the coordinate system. shear to twist a coordinate system around the origin. Another common operation you may want to perform is off-screen drawing. While Qt double-buffers drawing to prevent flickering, sometimes you need to perform off-screen drawing for other reasons, such as to composite multiple bitmaps to create a specific bitmap, or decorate a bitmap with text to be draw in multiple locations. Qt provides the QImage class and its subclasses as other concrete implementations of QPaintDevice. So you can create a QPainter using a QImage instance, and then drawing on the image using the QPainter. Qt provides four implementations of QImage: QImage class, optimized for fast input/output and direct pixel manipulation. QPixmap class, optimized for on-screen drawing. QBitmap class, an optimized QPixmap with a bitdepth of 1. QPicture class, a paint device that records and replays QPainter commands in a manner similar to QPainterPath. Interestingly, QImage and its subclasses are Qt value classes like QString; because they use implicit data sharing, you can pass them around freely as you would other implicitly shared data classes like QString and QList. Under the hood, Qt s implicit data sharing handles one shared block for multiple instances, using copy-on-write to create multiple copies of the data only when necessary. To read about how Qt s implicit data sharing works under the hood, see Qt s documentation at
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