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9 Dynamic SQL
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Deleting Builds
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1. The network you administer includes 10 computers running Windows Server 2003 and 200 computers running Microsoft Windows XP Professional. In the network, you have deployed a DNS server named DNS1 to host the zone lucernepublishing. com. You have also configured the zone to allow dynamic updates. A DHCP server is responsible for the IP configuration of all computers running Windows XP Professional. One of these computers,, can be con tacted only by IP address and not by name. Which of the following actions can you take to reregister this computer in DNS Choose all that apply. a. Execute the Nbtstat R command. b. Execute the Ipconfig /registerdns command. c. Shut down and restart d. Execute the Nbtstat /registerdns command.
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CLR Term
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DeclaringType ReflectedType
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You see, when you install the .NET Framework, two copies of Microsoft s assembly files are actually installed . One set is installed into the compiler/CLR directory, and another set is installed into a GAC subdirectory . The files in the compiler/CLR directory exist so that you can easily build your assembly, whereas the copies in the GAC exist so that they can be loaded at runtime . The reason that CSC .exe doesn t look in the GAC for referenced assemblies is that you d have to know the path to the assembly file and the structure of the GAC is undocumented . Alternatively, CSC .exe could allow you to specify a still long but slightly nicer-looking string, such as System .Drawing, Version=v4 .0 .0 .0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a . Both of these solutions were deemed worse than having the assembly files installed twice on the user s hard drive . Note When building an assembly, you may want to refer to another assembly that has an x86
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To define which object you want to apply the animation to, you use the Storyboard.TargetName property on these animation types. Set the value of the Storyboard.TargetName to the name of the object in question, which is set on the object using the x:Name property. Additionally, specify the property that will be animated by using the Storyboard.TargetProperty. Note that if you are specifying a complex or attached property (such as Canvas.Left), you place it in parentheses. So, for example, to specify a Double animation to target the Canvas.Left of a rectangle named rect, the resulting XAML will look like this:
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Using this file, we can update the CountClient constructor to load the configuration information in order to define the client HTTP channel, as shown here: code 39 generator in
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Other Uses for Stub Zones
quantity and price but not allow addition, which has no meaning in this context . This is an example of how a database management system could prevent meaningless operations by using specialized types for quantity and price that are more restrictive than generic number types . As you know, relational databases are based on set theory . A relation represents a set that is, a set of propositions . A set contains distinct members; therefore, you need a way to distinguish propositions . You need to define candidate keys, out of which you will choose one as the primary key . A key is a minimal set of attributes needed to uniquely identify any proposition . In addition, relations are associated through keys; a foreign key in one relation matches a key from another relation . Domains and keys are sufficient to implement all possible constraints . This is how the Domain-Key normal form (DKNF) is defined: a database is in Domain-Key Normal Form if every constraint in the database is a logical consequence of the definition of keys and domains . A relation in a DKNF database is free from all update anomalies . Of course, there is no simple algorithmic procedure to implement DKNF . Achieving DKNF would involve a lot of programming . Although achieving DKNF seems to be something you should pursue, it is not an easy task . Let me give you an example of an advanced constraint that would be very hard to implement with domains and keys only . You are probably already familiar with adjacency list for modeling graphs, trees, and hierarchies . If you are not familiar with this model yet, please refer to T-SQL Querying . In short, within an adjacency list, each tuple contains its own key and a key of the parent tuple, like in a bill of materials (BOM): BOM {partid, assemblyid, othercolumns} Just try to imagine how you would implement a constraint that the BOM has to be antisymmetric the assembly cannot be contained in a part it contains . Steve Kass suggested the following possible solution . Create a table named Containments, whose tuples have the form (first_part, second_part, direction) . Apply a domain constraint that restricts (first_part, second_part) to a domain two_parts_alphabetical, containing all pairs of parts (first_part, second_part) where first_part precedes second_part in some well-defined ordering of parts_domain elements . Apply another domain constraint to direction, limiting it to the set of values { 1, 1} . The predicate for the table would be (first_part is contained in second_part and direction = 1) OR (second_part is contained in first_part and direction = 1) . Two key constraints would be the foreign key constraints on first_part and second_part, and a third key constraint would be that (first_part, second_part) is the primary key of Containments . This latter key constraint, together with the domain constraint that first_part<second_part guarantees that the table does not represent both containment directions . Although this is a very clever solution, it would not be easy to use . Many times such advanced constraints are easier to implement with other means than a relational database management system provides, such as declarative constraints and triggers .
Note You need to change the druby:// URL in the client example to match the URL given in output by
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