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Request Credentials
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All websites have some form of user navigation control. The sites that stand out are those that provide easy-to-use navigation. Of course, you as the developer need to provide this navigation. You must determine what happens as the result of user-driven navigation especially when a user is in the process of a transaction such as the purchase of a product. This lesson covers tools for users to navigate your site and techniques that developers can use to transfer requests between pages.
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Used to stretch or shrink an object
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A Practical Example
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Part II Solutions
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As covered earlier, almost all services provide an inbound listening channel for remote access. Buffer overflows are caused when a service contains an unchecked input routine that allows more information to be sent than the previously set aside buffer area. Vulnerable services can be exploited, causing service disruption or, in the worst cases, allowing the attacker to gain access to the exploited system in the security context of the service s log-on account. If this account is Local System or an administrator, attackers can then perform any programmatic action they like on the exploit system, including system control, downloading content, installing more malware, and loading remote control shells.
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Returns true if two Encoding derived objects represent the same code page and preamble setting. Returns the encoding object s code page.
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fileExtension, which is the key attribute for elements in this collection, and is the file extension that you want to allow or deny. allowed, which you set to true (default) to allow requests for files with this extension and false to deny such requests.
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The Bignum and Fixnum classes represent integers of differing sizes (see 3 for the full details of how this works). Both classes descend from Integer (and therefore Numeric). You ll want to refer to the Integer and Numeric sections for further methods you can use.
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You can edit the contents of the SQL buffer in two ways: Use an external editor of your choice Use the built-in SQL*Plus editor
EXEC dbo.GetCustOrders 1, '20070101', '20080101';
Lesson 2: Performing Site Navigation
The ASP.NET Runtime Environment
Exercise 4: Verifying the Connection
A big difference between a real table and a subquery is that the real table has a name. Therefore, if you use subqueries in the FROM clause, you must define a tuple variable (or table alias, in Oracle terminology) over the result of the subquery. At the end of line 7 in Listing 9-16, we define tuple variable g. This tuple variable allows us to refer to column expressions from the subquery, as shown by g.AVG_SAL in the last line of the example. By the way, the query in Listing 9-16 is an alternative solution for the query in Listing 9-6. One requirement is that the subquery must be independent of the outer query, it cannot be correlated.
Add client-side script blocks to your page and call them from client-side events. Use the ClientScriptManager class to add script to a page dynamically at run time. Register your client script with a page by using the ScriptManager class. Understand the capabilities and use of the Microsoft AJAX Library. Add AJAX support for client components and server controls.
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